Sunday Summary: 31.01.2016

31 January 2016

Sunday Summary
I am exhausted! Normally we have a bit of downtime at work but it has just been non-stop this past month and I am exhausted. I’m not complaining, but I’m looking forward to being able to relax at work next week. At least for a day or two.

Unfortunately, this week I discovered that my phone is having a tantrum over my alarm going off. This has meant I’ve been waking up every couple of hours as I’m paranoid my alarm will disappear once more. It’s gone off three days in a row (which seems positive) but I’m still not fully convinced I’ve fixed the issue. This is one of the few times I’m glad to live at home so my mom can bang the door open and moan at me for not getting up before she leaves the house. It’s a good job we all leave the house before 7:30 otherwise I would definitely not get to work on time.

Apart from the drama of a phone alarm not working, I’ve done little. My brother has offically moved out, he has furniture and has done his first food shop. It’s all very exciting, but it means the dog is moping around the house because he knows one of us is missing. What is exciting is that I’ve learnt my brother own Ready Player One and I am totally stealing that book off of him.

What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve felt a bit off with reading this week. I read Match Me If You Can and was disappointed, which was annoying. I think that then set the tone for my other books. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to read, but I figured a Netgalley book may be necessary and so started reading The Girl From Everywhere, my bad bookish mood almost overflowed into this book, but thankfully the story picked up after the first third of the book and I was hooked. I really enjoyed it and decided a reread was necessary in the form of Nowhere But Here, I always forget how much I love Katie McGarry books until I read one and I’m glad this is my first reread of the year. My last book is one which has been on my shelf for a good two years, I think, and it’s called Half Bad. It’s interesting and I’m enjoying, although I wish books with first person narration would come with a warning, I’ve never been a fan of it.

New To Me

I know, I should have bought these books, but I’ve been dying to read When Joss Met Matt for a while and so when the price went to under £2 I had to swoop in and invest. As for Fated, I don’t have the second book in the Servants of Fate series, but I did read the first and liked it, so I bought this as an investment. It was £1 and I figured once I get the second one I can continue reading.

And that is my extremely dull week, even payday has not helped me be more exciting. I’m just too mentally drained to function lately. I am currently doing lots of home planning though, and I’m optimistic a trip to Ikea may be in my future (yay Ikea!).

How have you spent your weeks? Does anyone have any terrible stories about phone alarms not going off? And am I the only person in the world who isn’t woken with a cup of tea from their mom when at home, because that’s how everyone else at work is woken by their mom?
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