Sunday Summary: 03.01.2016

03 January 2016

Sunday Summary
We made it into 2016 (seriously I keep typing 2015 if you notice me doing that ever tell me so I can correct it) and we have the first Sunday Summary post of the year!

I have been busy blogging away (have you seen all the posts I’ve had up this week?)  it’s simply been a good week with me having no work to distract me and make me tired. I’ve got lots of fun things planned, or half planned, for the next month or two, and my blogging anniversary is in March (I think) so I might doing something for that… if I remember.

I am currently in an insanely good mood, despite going back to work tomorrow, and I think it’s because I feel so well rested and I’ve gotten so much stuff done. I do need to get a few more book reviews finished (why do I struggle so much typing them up?) and then I may look into what the upcoming TTT themes are because I’ve missed posting those but we shall see. I sometimes find intense blogging is the best way to get things done. I may try and put aside one weekend a month to just focusing on the blog, see how it goes.

Now my week has been a bit hectic. I mean, Sunday night I ended up taking an impromptu ice skating trip after my best friend text me saying we could go that night, I obviously said yes. Out trip did not go smoothly, first the ice rink she found had a hockey game on that night (I should not trust her with plans) but then the next rink we went to was great (outdoors in Birmingham) but we only had an hour of skating. Turned out an hour was more than enough because I am incredibly unfit and need to exercise, also, why is ice skating so much more terrifying as you get older? I was clinging to the wall for a good five minutes because I have no balance. It was fun, though, more late night adventures are required.

I also had the world’s least successful shopping trip this week, turns out sales are not the places to shop in despite what everyone tells you. I came home with a dress and a t-shirt, not exactly all that successful. Why is it you want to spend money you struggle to find anything you want? I did manage to have a successful online shopping purchase where I liked everything I bought, that is practically unheard of when it comes to online shopping.

I had the quietest New Years Eve known to man, my step dad went to bed about 10 pm, because he had been at work all day, so my mom was sat there slowly getting more and more drunk and I was merrily watching TV and reading fanfiction (I have a problem). It was fun and probably the best New years I’ve had in a while. I think more people should have quiet nights in on New Year, it’s never as fun going out as you think it will be.

What I’ve Been Reading

My reading week has been highly successful, I managed to finish a book I’ve had on my shelf half-finished for 9 months! I am so impressed with myself. I also decided to dive head first in and start reading a book I have been avoiding reading for no other reason than I didn’t want to start another series, but Wolf by Wolf has had such good reviews it really didn’t deserve such treatment. As for Illusions of Fate and The Viscount Who Loved Me, they were both wonderful books I would recommend to people, but Hen’s Reunited was, sadly, a bit of a disappointing read. I read a lot of romance so predictability in a story is nothing new, but this one didn’t even feel original it, it just fell a bit flat. Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood for it, but it didn’t click.

New To Me

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Yes, I have a problem, but I can still justify almost every purchase I made this week. Moon Called was 99p for Kindle and I have had it on my to-buy list for a year, I was buying it as soon as I saw it on offer. The Viscount Who Loved Me and November 9 were justified by the fact I had to buy my mom an iPad case on Amazon and so I obviously had to buy books as well. Also, I don’t feel guilty buying books that are part of a series I’ve started as I really do want to try and finish more series so that’s how I justified Golden Son (even if I haven’t read Red Rising yet). As for Harmony Black… it was free and my Kindle First pick because Amazon owns my soul. I do have two other books waiting to be delivered (because World of Books had an offer on and I can’t say no to cheap second-hand books) but I’ll show you those once they arrive.

How have your weeks been, anyone have a wild New Years? And does anyone else occasionally have a spur of the moment trip to do things?
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