Sunday Summary: 24.01.2016

24 January 2016

Sunday Summary
I have had a bit of a hectic week. I’ve been busy both with work and seeing friends and haven’t had as much of a chance to spend on my blog as I had orginally planned. I know it was partly me putting time aside for reading instead of blogging (that is not a bad thing) but I just lost all motivation this week. It’s probably due to the craziness of things at work (I won’t go into because I am bored of hearing about work, so I’m sure you guys are as well) and with some stuff going on with a friend that has kept my mind busy and left me wanting a bit of book escapism.

Let’s move on from the excuses and move to more positive things. My brother had finally had his house go through and is now a proud home owner! In my family, you don’t go and rent if you can avoid it so my brother and I have been saving money and living at home. He is lucky enough to be moving out in the next couple of weeks, once he’s sorted some basic furniture out. I am lucky enough to be helping him and clean and sort the house with what stuff he already has, aren’t I just so lucky? It’s good, though, I know he’s been antsy to get his own place so it’s good the older one of us can act like a real adult now.

What I’ve Been Reading

I have been a little reading machine this week… until I stalled this weekend. I read Not If I See You First on Sunday and I simply could not put it down, even when I wanted to. It was so interesting reading a book where there are no true visual descriptions as the main character is blind. Who knew how unessential that was with the details given from all the other senses. I read The Other Me at the beginning of the week I was looking for something different and enjoyed that. I then craved some romance in the form of NA book Last Will & Testament and then I read Before You thinking I would get some interesting romance with the culture difference but ended up a bit disappointed instead. I finished this week with Veronica Mars and The Thousand Dollar Tan Line and it was great, it felt like I was watching the TV series and I can feel a long rewatch in my future.

New To Me

Yes, that’s right, only one book added to my shelves and it’s a book I won on Twitter from Maximum Pop Books (again) it is signed and I am excited to read it… but also a bit concerned as it’s so different from my usual book. I’ll let you know how it goes.

And that is my week. I’m off to plan how I can make next week better, and also to plan my birthday celebrations next month. I’m thinking a trip somewhere, a spa day maybe, or some retail therapy. We shall see.

What are your plans for this weekend, done anything interesting? And does anyone have some good ideas of how to celebrate a birthday, I don't need to know specifics, just general ideas.
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