Sunday Summary: 17.01.2016

17 January 2016

Sunday Summary
I think the theme of my week has been me being extremely cold. Like freezing. Places in the UK have had actual snow! I mean, we had a sprinking here, but other places it looked white outside. After having such a mild beginning to winter and mostly just being concerned we’d all be washed out of the UK it came as a bit of a shock to actually need my scarf when leaving the house. I’ve also developed a bit of a cold which leaves me tired and with a sore throat. It’s nothing to complain about (not that that stops me) it just sort of sucks because I am bad at being ill in any way shape or form.

I’ve actually had quite a relaxed week, I intended to try and be present on Twitter (I may have grasped a vague understanding of how the things works) but then decided TV and books were more appropriate ways to spend my time.

I was actually at a family party on Saturday afternoon, it was my cousin’s birthday… she’s two. And she’s not actually my cousin, she’s my second cousin twice removed or somthing like that, but it was a family party regardless. All I can say is I felt a bit awkward (as I do at most social occasions) but I also had not realised how touchy feely my family is. I have not been hugged and kissed on the cheek co much in my life, and considering I see these people about once a year, if that, it made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I felt like announcing I was implementing a personal bubble but it turns out you aren’t allowed to do that with family. I can’t be the only one who would much prefer an awkward wave across the room to a full embrace from that great aunt you haven’t seen for five years?

What I’ve Been Reading

My reading this week has been really enjoyable. I read The Immortal Rules and really liked this flawed character and her journey as a vampire. I even bought the second book in the series and was looking at reviews on GoodReads to see what the next two books were like, and then spoiled myself completely (my own fault there) with what happens in the third book and it was something that made me roll my eyes so much they could have fallen our of my head. It was such a massive cliche and it genuineally put me off, so I returned the second book and decided to pretend the first book was a standalone so as not to ruin things for myself.

The rest of the books I’ve read this week have, thankfully, not been so frustrating. I finished the Inheritance trilogy and the third book was good, but definitely not as good as the first two. I read Everything Everything, a book I never intended to read until it came in my Ravenpost box, and loved it. I started reading it at 8pm and sat reading until the end. It’s a surprisingly quick read, but so enjoyable. As for When We Collided, it’s fantastic, I expected no less from Emery Lord and will eventually write a review in time for the release in April, so I may even get a reread in.

New To Me

Look, I am fully aware I shouldn’t be buying any more books. I bought I book I’ve already read, which is one way I am tackling my book buying ban. By buying books I’ve read previously (normally ARCs or library books I’ve read and want to own), I am buying new books to me, but not new unread books. It makes sense, right? I did buy one new book, but I got it for £7 for a hardcover and I just couldn’t resist. I’ve read three physical books so far this year, it’s almost five right? I will not even look at books (mostly) next week and until the end of the month because I can now tell I get paid early in December and January is turning into a loooong month for me money wise.

There you have it, I haven’t been thrilling but I’ve been slightly social (and not hungover) this week. How have your weeks been? Does anyone both dread and love family parties with the fun, if occasionally awkward, moments that come along with them? And does anyone else try buying old books to feed their book buying addiction?
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