My Blogging Problems // Inspiration Is A Fickle Friend And I Want To Know What You Do About It.

14 April 2016

My Blogging Problems
My Blogging Problems is a feature where I think about the things I struggle most with when it comes to blogging. There are plenty of issues when it comes to blogging. How do you write reviews? To comment back or not? How do you tackle your TBR? Is DNF-ing a book sensible or admitting defeat?

There are plenty of questions and not always a lot of answers. I am essentially throwing in my two cents on these matters and hope to hear back from you.


I went through a really good phase last year of writing lots of discussion posts and feeling really happy because I was writing stuff which wasn’t reviews and feeling like I was getting my thoughts out there and being different. Then I went through a blogging slump requested way too many review copies and found myself churning out reviews. I then started reading so many books I wanted to review (like all the books) and so I’ve been continually focusing on reviews and discussions have fallen by the wayside. Now I want to try and get a post up every week which isn’t a review I find myself with no inspiration. I’ve got tags I want to do and so that will fill up some slots but what else can I post but discussions (that’s a post for another time). But my discussion mojo has dried up.

I have ideas (lists and lists of ideas) but I’ve no inspiration to actually begin writing up any of those ideas so my question is: what do you do when inspiration escapes you? You still have all the same ideas, but you lack the inspiration to write that interesting discussion you really wanted to write about a month ago when you had no time to write.


Personally, I have found inspiration to be this fickle thing when it comes to blogging. I get an amazing post or discussion idea when I’m nowhere near my laptop. I start mapping out ideas in my head, jotting down notes of points I want to make, things I want to say. I find myself writing out the post in my head and getting really excited. I’m convinced the notes I’ve jotted down will be more than enough and then I sit in front of my laptop and nothing.


I wish I knew why the inspiration for a post continually strikes at the most inopportune times so you can’t write it out immediately. I even find that when I start writing a post, if I allow myself to get distracted by the internet I will find inspiration slowly escaping until I’m typing up a post and feel none of the buzz I felt when I started.


I don’t know, sometimes inspiration creeps back in as I type. I’ll type some really amazing sentence and suddenly inspiration comes shooting back and gets my fingers typing so quickly and I’ll be convinced I’m a genius, even though I’ve only typed one in ten words write as I go whizzing off with inspiration.


I don’t know, I still have my long list of discussion ideas and I will try and type each one up, but do you think inspiration is a thing which strikes and you most follow it immediately to write up a good post? Or is it a thing which comes and goes, you don’t need to follow the whims of inspiration but instead type what you want and it will then return to the idea as you figure out what you’re trying to say?

I can’t be the only one who experiences this, can I? I mean, what do you do to get the inspiration back? Can you get inspiration back or is it a one-off thing and once it’s gone it’s gone, you just have to suck it up and keep writing, hoping for the best?
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