Sunday Summary // 03.04.2016

03 April 2016

Sunday Summary
I am writing this post at half past ten Saturday night in my pyjamas still sniffling after finishing Half Lost. I feel like a bit of a mess and I should probably feel a bit embarrassed about this fact but I deserve a weekend in getting too emotionally invested in books. I haven’t done this properly for a couple of weekends so I deserve it. I’ve still got blog comments to reply to and blog posts to catch up on and a whole lot of cleaning around the house to do, but that can be done another day.

This week has been long, considering I only had a four day week at work you would think I would feel refreshed and ready to go. That isn’t the case, though. The trouble is the end of the month is always slow at work anyway, and then we lost an hour last Sunday to have daylight savings (are we in British Summer Time now? I really should know how this time business works better shouldn’t I?). Then everything continued feeling off at work with people being on holiday or at sick and everything has just felt a bit strange. Not bad, work has actually been a lot more relaxed of late, but it has felt weird. Maybe I’m just thinking up excuses for things feeling off this week? Who knows? It has though, isn’t it strange how the smallest thing can leave you all out of sorts?

What I’ve Been Reading

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I have had such a good reading week and I think that is partially due to the long weekend for Easter. I read so many books and that has made me happy. I think my bookish highlights have been Half Lost and Moon Called, they both were really good books. Moon Called probably wasn’t as good as Half Lost, but it was an enjoyable book I’m glad I picked up. Now I just need to get reading the rest of the Mercy Thompson series. As for Half Lost, there aren’t words. That book got me feeling so many things and I just. I can’t right now. You all need to go finish the Half Bad series because, ugh, it is just something else, you know?

New To Me

I feel like I’ve been really restrained this week. I have managed to read more than I’ve bought! I have even read half of what I’ve bought! I do admit that The Summer Remains and The Nightingale were small impulse buys on my part, but I’m sure I’ll get around to them… eventually.

How have your weeks been? Am I the only who is blaming the clocks changing for feeling out of sorts? Also, has everyone’s clocks changed? I know daylight savings works in different ways in different places and I don’t know if everyone does it. I feel a Google search coming on.
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