Sunday Summary // 24.04.2016

24 April 2016

Sunday Summary
Guys, we have a significant event to celebrate here (no, it’s not my birthday or my blogoversay which I forgot about). I had a good week at work this week!

I mean, Friday lasted about 10 days, but that was my own fault for starting the weekend countdown at 8am. Apart from my unusually long Friday, though, the week went rather quickly. That’s not to say there hasn’t been minor office drama (one of our directors is leaving to join a competitor and someone didn’t pay the Royal Mail bill so the postman refused to collect our franked post) but the minor office drama just added to the week. It gave it flavour. We are still all wondering about our office move (I’m telling you, someone knows something but they’re all keeping shtum) and a lot of people are excited about the festival they’ve arranged at work (I’m not going, it’s down in Tunbridge Wells and you aren’t allowed to bring friends as guests) but the office has been pretty upbeat. It’s not often you’ll hear me being happy about work (if it’s going well it doesn’t get mentioned) so I thought I’d fill you in on working life.

In other news… I have no other news. I managed to have an hour and a half phone call with a friend Monday night, which was fun. I feel I should add life coach to my emails and begin advertising my services after that epic phone call. And then my friends went and abandoned me to have their own lives. I mean, I say abandoned, the one has moved down to London for a job and the other had to attend a family reunion…. I can’t exactly fault them, can I? So, I’ve just been reading and hanging out with family, and successfully remembered about #ukyachat on Friday! I care about the little things… shall we move on to books?

What I’ve Been Reading

I have been doing quite a bit of reading this week since I’ve been left to entertain myself and decided being social is overrated. I decided to catch up with The Austen Project and finally read Emma, which has been sat gathering dust on my shelf since last March. I like The Austen project and even thought the books so far haven’t all been amazing I will still be buying Eligible sometime soon.

Following Emma I was in the mood for romance so decided I needed a trashy romance and read Tied to Trouble (it was alright, hard to go wrong with romance). 

At the same time, Danya had asked me to buddy read Jane Steele with her and I am so glad she did! I am terrible for putting off reading books and I would have done the same with Jane Steele and I shouldn’t have. It was amazing! Once you get into it, so after the first chapter or two, and then you’ll be hooked.

Then I was back on the romance train and read some historical romance in the forms of Falling into Bed With a Duke and a re-read of Ten Ways to be Adored. All I can say is I love Sarah MacLean and I seriously need to read more Lorraine Heath because that was a good book.

And to finish the weeks reading off? Well, I decided to read Truthwitch before my next Illumicrate arrives in May. I’m enjoying it so far. I’m not completely hooked but I am enjoying it. There are some fun characters in here, I just wish I had a glossary of terms as I keep getting confused.

New To Me

I’ve been in a bit of a romance mood as of late… also, I shouldn’t be allowed near NetGalley because I simply can’t help myself when I see a good book available. The Tessa Dare books and Off The Hook were purchased. I in no way need to justify Tessa Dare to you, but I’ve been told Off The Hook is supposedly for fans of Jill Shalvis (it both delights and annoys me books are advertised in comparison to others) so I thought I’d give it a chance. Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet was requested on NetGalley for the simple reason Charlie N. Holmberg has written books I’ve enjoyed so far, so I want to read this one. And Nina Is Not Ok just sounds interesting so I had to request it on NetGalley. That, and the email NetGalley sent out about it has a quote from Graham Norton and I love Graham Norton.

And there is my week. How have your weeks been, anything interesting happen? And please tell me your thoughts on any of the books on the page, what do you reckon I should read first in my new purchases?
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