Sunday Summary // 10.04.2016

10 April 2016

Sunday Summary
This week has been a mixed bag. It’s been really fun, but I’ve also gone off angry about the most ridiculous things. Let’s call this the week where I kept getting out of the wrong side of the bed so I ended up being this prickly little hedgehog when people said the wrong thing.

am going to say the week started off well. I’m still confused about time, still, but it turns out this may be partially due to my watch battery going so my time has been a bit off anyway. This week did begin well, though. I saw friends and had fun, but then the middle of the week I found myself getting so annoyed about the most ridiculous of things. I think the problem with spending so much time with old friends is that I know everything about them and I know the things which annoy me about them now (don’t lie, we all have little things our friends do which annoy us, we are just bigger people and overlook it). I found myself getting annoyed at the things which normally don’t bother me. I was at work, where frequently people do the most stupid things which create work for me, but I let it go, I could not let it go this week. I was a prickly little hedgehog and I felt bad about it. Thankfully, at work, I normally rant about things that annoy me as if they are the end of the world so this week was no different.

Who knows where my bad mood stems from, I was over it by Saturday, which is good because I went with my friends to Cadbury World! It’s in Bournville and is the home of chocolate. It’s basically a tour of the Cadbury site, you learn the history of the place and of Cadbury’s chocolate itself and then you see a bit of the factory and production and it’s all really interesting. That, and you get some free chocolate, which is always fun. It’s really a thing for children, but the history is interesting and I’m trying to get better about doing things in my local area (although, is an hour and a half journey local? I went on public transport and there was a lot of walking involved). I have way too much chocolate now, but that should keep me going for the rest of the month, right?

What I’ve Been Reading

I don’t know what happened, but it’s been a good reading week, which is good because it has been an epic new book week (as you’ll see below). I began with a fun read Sunday evening in the form of The Great Zoo of China. As I explained to my mom, it’s Jurassic Park with dragons! It was fun. I then read The Invisible Library and was really concerned I wasn’t going to like it, but then the last third of the book had me completely hooked. I read my second Kasie West book and utterly loved it, that woman is becoming a firm YA favourite of mine. I forgot Who’s That Girl was released this month and so had to use my Amazon Prime membership to get my copy. I read it so quickly and loved every second of it. As for The Masked City and After You, I’m still reading them so I’ll let you know.

New To Me

Yeah, I wish this was the number of books I’d read, but it’s not. I went a bit overboard. I am pretty certain it was linked to my bad mood of the week. I shop when in times of emotional upheaval or stress and this demonstrates that fact. To be fair, three of these books I got last week and forgot about because they were piled up on the coffee table downstairs when I wrote my Sunday post last week, they are The Great Zoo of China, The Little Shop Of Happy Ever After and The Forbidden Wish. I wanted to make sure I included them somewhere, though. The rest demonstrate my inability to not buy things going cheap as they make me happy. Ugh, I may just avoid books online whilst I hang my head in shame.

Does anyone else shop when they’re feeling out of sorts? And has anyone been to Cadbury World? Do you try and do the things you forget about in your local areas?
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