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08 April 2016

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Okay, so I must first thank Kaja for tagging me (thank you, it may have taken me two months to get around to it but I’m doing this tag, finally).

God, what facts about me do you want to know? I feel like I’m an open book on my blog. Or, not an open book, but I am fairly open about myself. I mean, just go to my Sunday Summary posts to hear about my week.

1. I used to play the cornet as a child. For some reason brass instruments were loaned out free to my class in my primary school and I was one of the children chosen to get a free instrument. I went to lessons once a week, I began with a cornet and then moved on to the trumpet (for reasons I can’t remember) and I really enjoyed it. The only problem was I had to take it to and from school with me and it was heavy! I moved house in year 6 and it was an even longer walk to and from school and so I eventually gave it up even though my nan had offered to buy me my own instrument and pay for lessons and for me to my grades. I have always been one to give up on things when it gets tough it seems, but I was also 11 carrying a heavy instrument to and from school once a week and I live at the top of a hill so who can blame me for being a bit idle?

2. I haven’t been abroad for 2 years. Most of my friends are all coupled up and saving for various things and so I am continually the lonely lemon who has to either suck it up and holiday alone or spend long hard hours trying to persuade my friends this is a friendship investment. I tend to choose option three and suck it up and not go away anywhere.

3. I don’t refer to my pets by their given names (yes, pets have given names) like, ever. Even when I shout at them their names do not pass my lips. I think my dog only gets referred to by name when I’m talking about him (very occasionally even then) or if I’m trying to get him to do as his told (and pigs might fly). I refer to my dog as dog (his name is Milo) and my cat as cat (his name is Widget) and I don’t know where this has come from. We’ve had pets before and I always called them by name, I don’t know why I’ve reverted in this way but I cannot change it. My dog reacts to the name dog just as much as Milo and I’m pretty certain my cat thinks his name is cat. They are pictured above in all their beauty and I adore them to bits even when I want to throw my cat out of the window when he’s meowing to be fed at five o’clock in the morning.

4. I have a bit of a sweet tooth. My lack of self-control when it comes to book buying also applies to my eating habits. I cannot resist a cake or some chocolate, basically anything sweet. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know when I developed a sweet tooth, it’s just a fact about me. People at work are surprised at the volume of chocolate I can eat in a day. I have to not take chocolate with me to work otherwise I will eat it all, I try and keep it as a treat.

5.  I don’t know if I’ve ever told you guys this before (I probably have) but I am so very, very sarcastic. It’s like my default setting. I know that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but I am a sarcastic person. People who meet me get confused when I speak at first, especially if they don’t twig on to my sarcasm. I met some of my best friend’s work colleagues once and I have a running joke that I will marry a rich old man with a heart condition (because I’m a gold-digger) and I mentioned that when asked if I had a boyfriend (I hate that question) and they became convinced I was being serious. I became her weird friend for a while.

giphy (1)
6. I am a very shy person. I’m a shy person who becomes the loudest person once I’m comfortable in a room, though.  I am terrible around new people and will do anything to avoid awkward situations with those I don’t know. I think that’s why I’m so sarcastic, it’s my defence mechanism against awkwardness and new things.

7. I am twenty-five and have never joined a gym or done any exercise which doesn’t have a purpose. So I won’t go running because I would need a destination to run to. I haven’t gone to an exercise class because I don’t see what’s fun and social about sweating in front of other people. I do my exercise in the form of walking places (and walking in the countryside, because that has the purpose of seeing pretty things) and in the form of carrying shopping. I am practical. I believe I need to be fit enough to work places I want to go (I sort of am). Does that make me strange? Not really, but it does mean I have to force myself to get off the bus a stop early and things like that to help me avoid having a heart attack one day.

And there you have it. Now, I am supposed to tag about ten million people in this post (or 15) but I am never one for tagging folks. I tag anyone who reads this instead (that’s fair, right?). I know, I am the one who lets tags fizzle out, so sue me.

Do you feel like you’ve gotten to know me a bit better? And what fact do you think is most important to know about you when you meet someone new?

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