Sunday Summary // 15.01.2017

15 January 2017

Sunday Summary
It’s Sunday again (yay). I’m mostly happy about it being a Sunday because of the major cliffhanger from last week's Sherlock, but also I really enjoy writing these posts.

So, I’m sure you’re all wondering how the photo album present went with my supervisor? She loved it! She was all emotional and almost in tears over it and I am absolutely thrilled she loved it. I couldn’t be happier. Although, it turns out I am terrible at dealing with emotional people (which is silly because I am the most overly emotional person, I cried at the below video because that’s who I am… although I was watching the full show and it was narrated by David Tennant so imagine that and you might be crying too). Anyway, turns out emotional people are not my forte and I do not know how to handle it. It does mean I win at birthdays this year, though.
Now, how about the rest of my week? I mean, there were minor frustrations at work which are hardly worth mentioning now. I also saw one of my friends for the first time all year and we had a fun time chatting at the pub for far too long. And I went to see my nan on Saturday because my mom was too hungover from her Christmas party (in January, yes) to go herself. It’s good to know that in my family you can still drink too much sometimes and regret it the next day, no matter your age. Otherwise, it’s been a slow week of reading and sleeping. I’ve not even turned my PS4 on despite my love for Final Fantasy XV because I’ve been determined to read a bit more this week. Would you believe I’ve only read 6 books so far this year? I know! I am on track to finish a seventh, though.

What I’ve Been Reading

So, I finished my readalong with Kaja and Danya of Ready Set Rogue and that book took a full turn to WTF? with it’s crazy ending. That being said my Goodreads review is rather mild towards it because I kind of enjoyed the crazy in equal measure to thinking why am I reading this? I think this is an example of me being far too nice to romance books but I don’t care. I may not recommend it because the romance is rushed and the characters are a bit terrible at times and the mystery seems to have gone off the deep end at the end, yet I didn’t struggle to get to the end either. Is that weird?

I also (finally) finished Wayfarer on Friday. I got around to reading a recap which Alexandra Bracken posted for Passenger and I finally remembered fully what was happening. I really loved it but I wish I’d reread Passenger first. Live and learn.

Now, onto the new books I've read this week. I read A Boy Made of Blocks on Wednesday and I stayed up to near enough midnight to finish. It was such an emotional and powerful read and I simply wanted to get lost in the world of those characters. That one was read for a blog tour (which is next week) and I’m more happy than you know to have read it. And then I read To Love and to Cherish Friday and Saturday because I needed some light romance and a book which wasn’t a review copy to read. I mean, I intend to review it and it was sent to me by the publish but I was reading it because I wanted to and now because I wanted to read in time to post a review for it. Currently, I am reading The Scam because I know every Janet Evanovich book is a fast read I don't want to put down.

New To Me

Now, you know that £20 budget of mine… turns out it doesn’t exist when you’re angry shopping at the supermarket (honest to God, there should be trolley etiquette and it should be you don’t leave it in front of half the shelves while you select what you want or stop it right next to someone else so no one can get past you. Basically, don’t be an inconsiderate dickhead or I will mentally maim you for being a twat). In my defence, my budget was broken by Carrie Fisher’s most recent book and it’s on loan already at my local library. All my other purchases, this week, were made on a gift card. I feel like that is a win. And, currently, I’m only a few pence over £20, now if only I hadn’t spent another £2.80 on a book which hasn’t been delivered yet. Oh well. I will say this should (hopefully) be my final purchases of the month. I'll be playing ARC catch up over the next two weeks with my own books mixed in. I mean, I do still have money on my gift card but I can wait to buy a few more books.
I got two more reviews copies. One of them is Pretty Face which I flailed madly about (you guys know I love Lucy Parker, right?) and then I was sent an email about Someone To Love and I decided to say yes considering I’ve got the first book to read for a blog tour anyway, why not, right?
I also took a trip to the library this week. Basically, if I have any more books to hand I won’t know what to read. I know. It’s a problem. But I am pretty happy with my borrowed books, once more I continue a series I’m enjoying (and am almost caught up on). I have the next book in a series I love about libraries! And I have two books which have been on my TBR for a while and I can finally get around to reading. And as for Nice Dragons Finish Last? Everyone says they love it so I need to get reading.

And now I’m off to read lots and conquer those mountains of books (or play Final Fantasy). What have you been doing this week? Anyone else gone angry shopping at the supermarket and felt like maiming shoppers because they are idiots? No? Just me? Oh well.
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