Sunday Summary // 22.01.2017

22 January 2017

Sunday Summary
So, I’ve changed my comments platform because IntenseDebate had started adding people to my spam list for no apparent reason and it was really annoying me. It’s happened a few times and even when fiddling with the setting wouldn’t fix itself so I’ve changed to Disqus. It does mean all old comments no longer link to who you are because for the life of me I can’t be bothered to figure out how to make my import work as I want it to. That being said, going forward it should and that’s all I care about, I never go back and read old comments. I just read the ones I’ve had. If I hadn’t replied to you before the comment move then if you care enough, you’ll have to have a nose and see if I’ve replied. I spent my Friday night making it work and even then it wasn’t until Saturday that I realised the mobile version of my blog had no comment system (I know, why is technology so hard?).

My move to Disqus is something I’ve been wanting to do for about a year because IntenseDebate had done random things of not letting folks comment before but I was too lazy to figure out exporting my old comments and importing my new ones. It just seemed too complex and I’m lazy. Luckily, Google is my friend so when people who visit often were getting sent to spam without me noticing I knew I had to bite the bullet. It’s mostly worked out but guys let me know if you notice anything weird. I know I’ve lost a few older comments so let me know if anything goes rogue.

Now, outside of a very thrilling Friday night where I stayed in messing with my blog comments and watching Eastenders (what? I like bad soaps, so sue me), I have been quite dull this week. It’s just been so busy at work I’ve not had time to do much. I even missed using my bullet journal some days because I’ve just been exhausted. I’ve mostly vegged out and read and watched TV and been very unexciting. I think it’s because I’ve been training the newbie at work and that is exhausting while my own work piles up and then I’ve had to deal with people on the phone, something I hate because I never enjoy phone calls. I was definitely glad for a lie in this weekend. I do not plan to leave my house.

What I’ve Been Reading

I finished The Scam literally straight after posting last Sunday so I didn’t include that this week. I decided not to quickly read a review copy the week before I needed to get a review up so began reading Somebody Like You in time for a February post (check out me and my forward planning!). It was such a good romance read. I had a few issues with it (because there are few perfect romance reads) but overall it was great. I would recommend checking it out if you fancy a good romance read which is a bit lighter on the sex than some.

I came out feeling good from my romance read so decided to check out Labyrinth Lost as it has been on my kindle for a few weeks. It had been a bit hyped up for me so I was excited… I then ended up disappointed. Not because the book is bad, I think I might have liked it if I had read it at a different time, but I ended up hating the main character of Alex and had to stop reading at 35%. It was upsetting but maybe I’ll revisit? My solution to dealing with another DNF? I picked up Before I Fall because that’s guaranteed to cheer me up. It was a really good book… even if the ending had me up in arms. Now I’m reading Agnes and the Hitman and I’m enjoying it. It's funny, there is murder and a woman with a short temper, what's not to like?

New To Me

Now, before you go accusing me of getting lots of new books, the only one I bought was Agnes and the Hitman. I am happy with that purchase as well so no making me feel guilty. I’m reading it already, as well. As for The Girl in Between and Spanish Lessons? They were both freebies. No one can say no to a free book, trust me. I also won a physical ARC of Caraval from Lynn over at Books and Travelling With Lynn which yay! I am planning a few reads over the next week. I’ve got a buddy read and a couple of other books.
I also got a wish granted on Netgalley and have a copy of Traitor to the Throne so I’ve got a reread of Rebel of the Sands to do before I pick that up. Basically, I am on a reading high and cannot wait.

What have you been up to this week? Anyone else had the joy of some blog upkeep? Isn’t it boring as hell? I almost decided to drink while I did mine, but it seemed like a recipe for disaster. And what have you been reading?
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