Sunday Summary // 08.01.2017

08 January 2017

Sunday Summary
Welcome to another Sunday Summary post with me. It’s been a busy beginning of the month and I’m exhausted now. I’m even writing this late on Saturday. I mean, it’s dark outside! I’ve just not had a chance to sit down today and I’ve still got things to do.

I returned to work again this year and everyone was back in, deflated because the holidays had ended once more. We had a new starter on our team, though. Yes, another one. She seems really lovely. She’s quiet, but she is picking up things quite quickly and she’s powering through the work even if she needs help completing everything. It’s nice to have someone new on the team. I haven’t spoken to her too much but I think that’s both my wariness of new people (also known as shyness) and her being a bit reserved as well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed she lasts more than a couple of months.

Returning to work isn’t what has had me busy, though. It’s the fact that it’s my supervisor’s birthday on Monday and we’ve had to sort a present and card for her. She is not the easiest person to buy for, she is basically awkward to think of a single gift for her. We settled on getting some photos printed of her daughter’s wedding as that happened back in November and she has been going on about wanting to put an album together (which will take her about a year) so I’ve put together a small photo album (well, I’ve still got to put it together, but it’s on the list) with a few photos someone else we work with had available. I’ve also printed off a bigger picture of her daughter and her grandson from the wedding, which I’ve put in a nice frame. I’m hoping she’ll like it but who knows? That gift planning is actually why I’ve had such a hectic Saturday as I’ve not had time to sort anything until the weekend so I’ve had to leave the house early to get everything bought and it was awful.

So, that is my hectic week and we’re having a family dinner Sunday so I doubt I’ll have a relaxing day Sunday, either. I just want to curl up with a good book.

I have been enjoying my bullet journal for 2017, though. I’ve not used a couple of days because of my hectic schedule but I’ve been trying to use it regularly. I’ve got a few collection pages going, I’m essentially using the monthly page to remind me when I’ve got blog posts scheduled when I have birthdays and any plans on certain days. Then I have no weekly log that some folks have, instead I’m just listing my tasks for the day which is a cross between a diary and a to-do list for me. Then I have lots of lists going on. No photos yet but I’ll include some photos soon. I’m liking it so far, it gives me an excuse to invest in more stationery anyway.

What I’ve Been Reading

I feel like all week I’ve been juggling books. I’ve got ARCs I need to read, library books to finish before they’re overdue and then books I want to read from own shelves. I’m drowning in a sea of books yet I continually want more. I have a post about that brewing in my brain.

Anyway, I began the year reading Anna Kendrick’s book, Scrappy Little Nobody and I really enjoyed it. There is something I love about a good celebrity biography. I don’t read them often but I always seem to enjoy them and that was no different. At the same time, I’ve been reading Wayfarer because that cliffhanger in Passenger was crazy… the only problem is I’ve got book amnesia about major plot points so the beginning was a bit confusing. I’m a quarter of the way through and I think I remember what’s happening. Then I’ve started a read-along with Kaja and Danya as we all got approved for Ready Set Rogue. It’s a fun historical romance and so far I’m enjoying it. I’ll probably be finishing off the agreed chapters when you’re reading this. Finally, I began reading The Chemist. I’m due to return it on Saturday along with Ancillary Justice. Whilst I’m sure I’ll be able to renew Ancillary Justice the reservation list for The Chemist is long so I need to read it otherwise I’ll have to return it unread as they won’t let me renew. It’s decent so far, the usual thriller antics. I’m not far enough in to say more.

New To Me

I’m sure you all saw my reading goals post for this year and one of them was spending no more than £20 a month… I’m on £12.98. One Snowy Night was bought with my gift card and the Paula Weston books are ones I’ve already read (and have on Kindle) but I treated myself as they came to under £9 and I bought them at the end of December. As for Holding Up The Universe and A Promise of Fire, I made the fatal error of going into Waterstones… I came out with books.
And here are my ARCs for the beginning of the month. You already know about Ready Set Rogue so we won’t mention that. I requested Our Own Private Universe on impulse but it sounds seriously awesome so I’m glad to be reading that. The Hating Game is a book I requested months ago back when everyone was raving about it and thought I was never going to be approved for, I managed to get approved before the book was taken of Netgalley as it’s not actually being published in paperback until August in the UK. At the moment they just sell that giant version of the paperback which may have a name but all I know is it’s too pricy for me. And then there was One Wild Night which I got emailed about and figured I love romance, what is one more romance book for review?

What have you been up to this week? What do you do when you feel like you haven’t had a chance to just breath? How do you make time for yourself? And any inspiring words for my spending budget?
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