Sunday Summary // 29.01.2017

29 January 2017

Sunday Summary
I’m telling you guys, I don’t know where the weeks go. Is it Sunday again already? I say this, my working week dragged like nobodies business and I wish I knew why. My time outside of work seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye, though.

It’s been a week of ups and downs. As I said, work has been dragging this week and I think it may just be me feeling a bit exhausted and run down. Now surprising considering the month we’ve been having, I’m run down from doing two people's work. I think it’ll pick up next month, though, and I will hopefully be a bit less exhausted from that. I also had some bad news in regards to my family. I won’t go into the details but it definitely put a dampener on my Thursday and left me in a bad mood Friday so that’s probably not helped things.

Luckily, other parts of my week have been far better. I had a really great readalong of The Hating Game with Danya and we enjoyed ourselves chatting about that book. And don’t think I’ve forgotten about reading Burn For Me either. I may not have been approved for White Hot or anything but I can still get on board for a reread of the first book in prep for the release. I also went to the cinema with a friend and saw Split (it was weird but James McAvoy was brilliant portraying his individual personalities as distinct individuals) and I also went to the pub Wednesday with a friend celebrating her house buy. I mean, the process is only just starting but I’m happy she is starting on the path to proper adulthood and house ownership (fingers crossed it goes well for you).

Basically, I’ve had a really hectic week of ups and downs and I am looking forward to sitting in on Sunday and just reading. I need some good old escapism for the day. I’ll face reality tomorrow. Especially when reality includes Donald Trump with his executive orders and walls. Honestly, could the man be more of a joke?

What I’ve Been Reading

I’m averaging 4 books a week lately and I’m liking it. I am actually enjoying reading after DNF-ing 2 books this year. I think I’ve got my reading mojo back. I may not be reading 6 books in a week like during my romance binges but I am pretty damn happy with how I’m doing. I’ve already mentioned The Hating Game, when reading that I got a craving for romance while I was waiting to be able to chat about it with Danya so I began reading Close To Home. It proved romance is the easiest genre to read as I finished that in a day. It wasn’t my favourite romance but it was so easy to get lost in and I’m excited for the next book, so there’s that. I also began reading Caraval and, wow. That book is addictive. I have a review planned for next week (I hope). I really enjoyed it and I recommend it. I am now venturing into sci-fi, because who doesn’t like to round out their reading week with different genres?

New To Me

Only 49p spent on books this week! And that was a giftcard purchase and doesn’t count, that’s Highland Spitfire if you’re wondering which book I bought. If you’re not already aware Hello Again is a novella release by Mhairi Mcfarlane and is a sequel to You Had Me At Hello and it’s free! I couldn’t say no. And Once Burned was an impulse freebie buy when I saw the series mentioned on someone else’s blog. I know freebies are still new books but… I have issues and this way at least my spending is down.
I did take a trip to the library this weekend, though. I only intended to drop two books back in and get the next book in the Fox and O’Hare series… I then somehow ended up wandering around the shelves and borrowed for books. I don’t know how it happened either. I mean, I’d been inteding to borrow the next two books in the Cainsville series for a while… but I was intending to try and space them out for the release of the next book… I guess plans change? As for Angel’s Blood, I’ve got an urge to reread Nalini Singh’s books and I remember liking this series so why not?

What have you guys been reading lately? And am I the only walking out with more books than intended every time she goes into the library?
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