Sunday Summary // Happy New Year

01 January 2017

Sunday Summary
Welcome to my very first post of 2017. It is, of course, my favourite weekly feature of mine. It’s time for another Sunday Summary.

You would think, as it’s New Years Day, I would have some fun tale of how I spent New Year's Eve. Maybe I went out drinking and dancing with friends, or went to a house party, or did something fun. I didn’t. I find New Year's Eve to be one of the most overhyped nights of the year and normally choose to stay home and watch crap on TV. I had a couple of drinks, wrote some blog posts and watched TV in my pyjamas with my family. I am very dull indeed.

I have been a bit more interesting in the rest of my week, though. I began my week buying myself a PS4 as a Boxing Day gift to myself. I was so excited about it and then I’ve barely had an hour to play it! I’ve got a few games and will definitely be wasting a few hours playing that over the next few weeks. It’ll be good as I am trying to cut my book spending so it’ll give me something new to focus on.

I haven’t had time to play any games because I’ve been seeing friends. I braved the bank holiday sales at my local shopping centre and got myself some gorgeous smelling body cream (I love The Body Shop) and I’ve got myself some new clothes. I then went to the pub with some friends and stayed out way longer and drank way more than I intended when I had work the next day. I wasn’t hungover but my brain could definitely tell I had only a couple of hours sleep and I felt a bit zombie like all day. I’ve just been busy seeing friends who I never normally get to see that much. Unfortunately, they’ve all had time off of work while I’ve been fitting them in on an evening so I’ve definitely felt exhausted, something which you can tell with my complete lack of reading. I haven’t had the time. Although, I have had the time to get more books… oh well.

What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve finally finished Three Body Problem and I can officially say that it isn’t the book for me. If you don’t mind science heavy books with fairly unsympathetic characters you may enjoy it but I didn’t. I wish I knew why it had such high ratings but I just don’t get it. I know what kind of sci-fi I like at least. I also struggled through Frostblood this week. I say struggle not because I didn’t enjoy the book (I did) but because I think my lack of enthusiasm in reading Three Body Problem carried over to Frostblood. I don’t think Frostbood was amazing, but it was definitely enjoyable and I will be carrying on the series, I think I just let my bad reading mood effect my view of this.

New To Me

I’m proud I’ve only bought two books this week. Well, that’s a lie. I’ve bought three more, but they’ve not been delivered yet and they are physical copies I’ve already read before. I just wanted to see them on my shelves. I’ll show them off next week. I have only bought two books on my Kindle, though. I know I vowed to give up on Jennifer Armentrout books, but I have a soft spot for NA contemporaries. Don’t judge me! I also bought The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society because Kaja featured it on her favourite books post and it sounds like the kind of book I’d enjoy. I was going to borrow it from the library but there is a queue! I figured I’d just invest instead.
These are three books I got for Christmas. I mean, I bought them myself and told my mother she was giving them to me for Christmas… that’s the same thing, right? I bought them for myself because I decided I wanted to read Anna Kendrick’s book but couldn’t justify buying it for myself. Then I decided my mom could gift it to me. I then accidentally bought a couple more books who can buy just one book? I think that’s why I own so many because I’m convinced books should come in pairs (at least). I’m excited to start all of them, though. I think they will take up a long weekend. I then must devote myself to reading those unloved ARCs on my Kindle.

What did you get up to for New Years? Anyone read any good books lately? Or did you get a really amazing one for Christmas? Tell me things below.
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