Monthly Wrap-Up // December

31 December 2016

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I won’t spend long wrapping up this month because I feel it has already all been said. My months have gone too fast and I don’t know how we’re at the end of another month or another year! It’s shocking how time flies. My December has been busy and filled with Christmas and relaxing and ended on the biggest book slump ever! I won’t say more than that because I need to go look back on my year as a whole soon and to do that I actually need to write some posts. Have a quick catch up with my music, books, blog posts and some fun links before you go.

I will say that December has been one of those months where it feels like everything has been happening. If it wasn’t busy at work then my social life was suddenly booming and if it wasn’t that then the news was blowing up with things. I just feel like this month hasn’t stopped. As such, I want to spend the end of the New Year relaxing. I will be posting this Saturday when I have every intention of sitting in and watching TV with my family and playing lots of video games and fully embracing my inner recluse.

Can’t Stop Listening

Dick & Jane – Sidney York
Million Reasons – Lady GaGa

December Reads


December Posts

December Links

The Book Voyagers | A to Z: A Guide to Finding Your Perfect 2017 Book (you can never find too many books for next year, after all)

How was your month? Anyone got some funny stories of Christmas or got a book they loved as a gift? And what songs can you not get out of your head lately? I need to know these things.
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