Lyrebird // A Magical and Charming Read Which Isn’t Actually Magical Realism

21 December 2016

Published: 3rd November 2016
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Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Chick Lit
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Life is in two parts: who you were before you met her, and who you are after.

A documentary crew discover a mysterious young women living alone in the mountains of West Cork. Strikingly beautiful she has an extraordinary talent for mimicry, like the famous Australian Lyrebird. The crew, fascinated, make her the subject of her story, and bestow the nickname upon her.

When they leave, they take Lyrebird with them back to the city. But as she leaves behind her peaceful life to learn about a new world, is she also leaving behind a part of herself? For her new friend Solomon the answer isn’t clear. When you find a rare and precious thing, should you share it – or protect it…
I’m a huge fan of Cecelia Ahern. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it all that much I am a massive fan of her work, but I am. I especially adore her magical realism books. In general, though, I just really adore her writing so was thrilled to see she had another book out this year. I bought it immediately and couldn’t wait to read. I was utterly shocked by what was within.

Let’s Begin By Saying It Is Not What I Thought

I went into this book expecting that it would be magical realism simply from the summary and the fact that I didn’t know that a lyrebird was a real thing (honestly, Google them, they sound amazing). I expected some magical element to be involved with this woman found in the middle of nowhere living alone. It just seemed too absurd otherwise. Turns out Cecelia Ahern proved me completely wrong. This book can be set in the real world and be utterly charming and beautiful. She used the beauty of language to open my eyes to this beautiful world.

I Was Enchanted By Laura

This was such a magical story of Laura and her journey from isolation in Cork to the overwhelming sounds of the city. It was a riveting read that had me glued to every page as you saw her plucked from her life by Bo, Rachel and Solomon and brought to the hectic world. What was brilliant was that I felt attached to every character, even those I disliked I still enjoyed reading about. Each of the characters was charming and flawed and real. It’s amazing how she can create such real characters who could be plucked from real life and then get you to care about them.

Also, Ahern’s writing was utterly enchanting. Her way with words is amazing. It made the everyday and mundane seem interesting and enchanting. Laura’s fascination with the world she hadn’t ventured to was just so sweet. Her naiveté could have come across as annoying but the way she was written as curious but not unlearned meant she was instead a curious person still learning. She makes stupid decisions, as does everyone around her, but she doesn’t lose that spark that makes her.

I Don’t Know Why I Just Loved It

I went into this book expecting another sampling of Ahern's skill at magical realism based upon the title and summary but that is not this story. Instead, it is a beautifully written story that demonstrates the magic in the boring, mundane everyday. You see the beauty in the things we take for granted and the joy in the every day and I adored it for that. This book was just beautiful and a joy to read and I would recommend it to everyone looking for a good contemporary set in Ireland.

Have you read this new release from Cecelia Ahern? What did you think, did you agree with my thoughts? What is your favourite release from Ahern?
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