Act Like It // A Book So Good I Had To Re-Read It

13 December 2016

Published: 30th November 2015
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Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Fake Relationship
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A sharp-witted heroine and an infuriating-but-swoon-worthy leading man bring down the house in this utterly charming contemporary romance debut from Lucy Parker

This just in: romance takes center stage as West End theatre's Richard Troy steps out with none other than castmate Elaine Graham

Richard Troy used to be the hottest actor in London, but the only thing firing up lately is his temper. We all love to love a bad boy, but Richard's antics have made him Enemy Number One, breaking the hearts of fans across the city.

Have the tides turned? Has English rose Lainie Graham made him into a new man?

Sources say the mismatched pair has been spotted at multiple events, arm in arm and hip to hip. From fits of jealousy to longing looks and heated whispers, onlookers are stunned by this blooming romance.

Could the rumors be right? Could this unlikely romance be the real thing? Or are these gifted stage actors playing us all?
I intended to review Act Like It when I first read it back in March but I didn’t for whatever reason. I am now going to review it now because it is a favourite of mine and I don’t know why I haven’t spoken about it sooner. I loved it so much I reread it in the space of 6 months so really, that says everything about my feelings on this book.

This is a book which got everything right in some way. It’s not that it’s a perfect book, it’s just that it managed to tick all my boxes. I think the reason I liked it so much was the fact it included my most favourite of all tropes in romance. It includes a fake romance!

The premise is simple, we have the rugged older misanthrope, Richard Troy, whose got a bad reputation for being miserable and mean, and you have sweet Lainie who is nice and has a good reputation who can help redeem Richard’s star. Together they must fake it through an on-set relationship with their West End Play say that Richard has a good enough reputation to get a job he has been aiming for and also so their play doesn’t close early due to low attendance. That would be fine except Lainie hates Richard and his miserable attitude and Richard probably doesn’t even remember who Lainie is. it was adorable go from enemies to friends, to something more. That romance is really what hooked me because one those two were good together they were fantastic. They were fun and interesting and that banter was absolutely fantastic. It was just flawless.

I think the great part was even the things which normally bother me in romance didn’t. When someone accidently reveals more than they intended and you have the usual misunderstandings between the couple I wasn’t annoyed as I knew Parker would resolve it in such a way that it would never bother me.

Basically, this was a really enjoyable read. It’s got funny and interesting characters and a swoon-worthy romance and it is insanely enjoyable. It has the same tropes and trappings of other romances but Parker’s writing and characterisation just hit the spot for me on this one and I want everyone to know it.

Have you read this and did you enjoy it? What is your favourite fake relationship book (because I cannot get enough of them)?
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