My Thoughts // How Soon Is Too Soon When It Comes To Re-Reading?

15 December 2016

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My Thoughts is a feature where I attempt to write bookish discussions. If you had spent any time with me in real life you would learn I have this habit of blurting out random thoughts from time to time when I allow my mind to wander. It’s from these random thoughts these posts emerge as I attempt to write some coherent thoughts about what’s been on my mind. I am trying to combine this with my attempts at participating in the Discussion Challenge this year.

This time my post is inspired by Kaja’s post listing this year’s rereads and how she is enjoying it because I commented asking how soon is too soon to reread. It is also inspired by my urge to reread Act Like It by Lucy Parker. I adored that book this year, I read it in a day and just curled up one Sunday getting lost in the book. I loved it so much and yet never gave it a full review for no apparent reason. I recently had the urge to reread it and began questioning if it was too soon for that. I then promptly decided who cares? I’ll read what I want to read and loved every second of my reread.

The thing is, I used to reread books all the time. Sometimes I used to reread books days after I last read it because I wasn’t ready to let go of the bookish world I had been immersed in. There were books which I reread regularly, like every few months. They were series like Harry Potter and The Secret Circle which I adored and continually went back to. I would reread constantly and I miss that passion that I had for rereading.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve begun rereading less, especially as I’ve gotten sucked into the book blogging world. I now have more to read than to rereads and so I prioritise differently. I want to read new things and rereads are reserved for comfort reads. Turns out my comfort reads are mostly romance and really, I don’t always want to reread romance though and all those series I want to reread get neglected because I think about how much time rereading them would take up and take me away from reading new things.

Anyway, rereading is not the issue, what I want to know is how soon is too soon to reread?

I never used to have a time limit on when to reread a book and then, for some reason, in the past few years I’ve developed some kind of mental time limit on when rereading is acceptable. I have to wait at least six months and normally I prefer to wait a year, if possible. I’ve got my own arbitrary mental time limits and I’m trying to shatter that. I’m trying to stop pressuring myself to read more. I’m trying to stop pressuring myself in general, but this reading thing is one thing I really not to pressure myself about.

I know my time limits are arbitrary and pointless but for some reason, I have them in place and I am slowly trying to get rid of them but I’m curious if you have them too? Have you created some arbitrary rules for rereading? Or reading in general?
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