Sunday Summary // 18.12.2016

18 December 2016

Sunday Summary
Welcome to the beginning of my Christmas holiday! I have the run up to Christmas off so I can indulge in whatever I wish and I, for one, am so excited. It has been a weekend for putting up Christmas decorations and relaxing and it has been fabulous.

I did begin the week on a low, to be honest. My Kindle killed itself Sunday night. I don’t know how, but the screen froze and it plain old died. Amazon support tried to help but failed. They said it sounded like a device fault but as it was out of warranty there was nothing they could do. Luckily, as a loyal Amazon customer, they gave me a discount to buy a new one so it could have been worse I suppose. I new one arrived for my Monday and it’s the new Paperwhite which is working better than my old one so I certainly can’t complain. I’ve got ads on it right now, but I may pay the extra £10 to get rid of those.

I spent a lot of time at my local shopping centre this past week. I was there Tuesday with my friend to go to the cinema to watch Office Christmas Party. That film was hilarious and dumb and the perfect pick me up film for the beginning of the week. Wednesday I went shopping with my stepdad to try and convince him he did, in fact, want something for Christmas (he has finally settled on wanting a gift voucher, unfortunately, he settled on that after we left the shopping centre). And I was up there again Friday to go see Star Wars Rogue One With my brother. I would fangirl all over you about that film (I loved it) but I don’t want to spoil things. It was amazing and dark and most definitely not a film you’d take kids to who loved Star Wars. It made me incredibly sad and I loved every minute of it. All it did was make me want to watch all the Star Wars films again.

Basically, this has been a week of being busy. We managed to get the majority of our stuff done at work before I broke up, which is good because someone left the team Friday. It was sad but she was ready to go and you could tell she was ready to go. It means we’re a man down again, but hopefully, we’ll find someone new to start in the New Year. We need the help, especially as we’ve been told we have a bit of extra work to do from next month. I will stay positive, though. I mean, we managed this month so surely we will next month too.

What I’ve Been Reading

As my Kindle broke I was left part way through The Alchemists of Loom for a couple of days so I began reading An Offer From a Gentleman. I needed some good old romance to soothe me over the death of my Kindle because I was angry. I really enjoyed it, as I do any Julia Quinn book, but the characters did annoy me. It wasn’t the romance I was looking for, I think.

As I was busy all week I didn’t end up finishing Alchemists until Thursday and then I picked up The Three Body Problem as I’ve begun a read along with Danya. I don’t know how I feel about it. I’m absorbed when I’m reading but I’m ten chapters in and all I am is confused. Like, really confused. It is interesting to read, though. Also, another book I read because of Danya is Illuminae. I saw her post on why you should read yesterday so decided to give it a go as it’s been sat on my shelf for almost a year. Holy shit that book is good! The hype is well deserved on that one. I stayed up too late reading and then spent all this morning finishing it off. Ugh, so good I need the next one. It better be as good.

New To Me

I’ve successfully bought no books this week! I feel so pleased with myself you would not believe. I do have two new review copies, though. I know, I didn’t need more but I like books and I can’t help myself. I do have a third I was emailed about which is Frostblood which I in fact have an ARC for on my shelf from a book box. I need to email the publisher back about so don’t let me forget.

Anyway, that is my week. How has your week been? Anyone seen Rogue One and want to flail about it with me? And are we all ready for Christmas? I realised my next Sunday post will be Christmas day so it may be shorter but can’t wait!
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