Sunday Summary // Merry Christmas

25 December 2016

Sunday Summary
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It’s Christmas Day! Or, it will be when you’re reading this, anyway. It’s actually Friday morning that I’m writing with a few edits on Saturday. I’m sure you’re all very busy today so I will keep my rambling to a minimum.

What have I done this week? Very little, I’ve been the person sat inside waiting for everyone else’s parcels to arrive because my family are poor planners who don’t get their Christmas presents early like smug little me. It’s not been too bad, though. I’ve done housework, watched TV and read a lot.

I actually discovered the greatest Korean drama on Netflix whilst I was sat around doing very little. It’s called Hello My Twenties on Netflix and Age of Youth everywhere else. It’s about these five girls in their twenties who live together and it was so good. I occasionally get annoyed at how OTT Korean dramas can be with kidnappings and scheming parents and such but this one was just the right level of drama and reality and it was fun. I enjoyed every second of it and I really enjoyed the soundtrack which came with. I’ve discovered some new music watching that. I love how Korean dramas are normally shorter seasons and they wrap the storyline up in that season. No dragging those shows out for seasons and killing it for me (I’m looking at you Supernatural).

Anyway, I’ve not done much else this week. It’s been a week of relaxing in preparation for the big day, which I’m excited for. I love Christmas day. It’s just such a nice family day and I’m going to enjoy every second of it. Especially as I’ll be going back to work on Wednesday for a few days and I am not looking forward to that. Actually, I have been getting my bullet journal ready to start for 2017. I’m sat trying to figure out what collections I want. I know I want a few for reading but which ones? And I’ve also been planning out my goals and resolutions for next year so there is that as well.

What I’ve Been Reading

Yes, I’m still reading The Three-Body Problem, we’re working on getting to the end of chapter 20 now, though. God, this book is hard work.

I have had a lot of other books read, though. I’ve almost been working on a book a day. I forget how much I’m enjoying this new Evanovich series she’s writing with Lee Goldberg until I read another one of them. I’m glad I’ve made this a series I slowly borrow from the library each month. It’s just so fun! I then read a short little read which I impulse bought at Tesco, but I wanted to read it because I love Codi Gary’s other romance books so I had to. I was crying whilst reading After The Last Dance and questioning why on earth I hadn’t got to this book from her sooner as it was wonderful. Then there was Relativity, that was an intense read, a review is to follow next month in time for the paperback release here in the UK.

New To Me

Please watch me hang my head in shame. I meant to buy no new books over Christmas. I meant to begin conquering my TBR. Instead, I bought too many books because there were books on offer and I found books I wanted used and couldn’t help myself. Basically, I was sat at home alone too long with access to the internet. This is also the second copy of A Court of Thorns and Roses I won. I also have it on my Kindle. I have serious issues. It was cheap at the supermarket, though. I have problems. Big ones.
I did take a sneaky trip into the library this week, as well. I’ve still got one and a half books unread from my last trip, but I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed Ancillary Justice on impulse. I’d heard good things and just saw it. I’m definitely on a sci-fi phase. And when I saw a long loan copy of The Chemist on the shelf I couldn’t resist. I may hate the Twilight series but this sounds interesting. I had to borrow it. I’ve got until the 16th January to read it. Wish me luck.
I was emailed about these two books. I’ve not heard of Lily Everett before but this Sanctuary Island series definitely sounds like my kind of series. I mean, it’s a small town and there’s a second chance romance in one. Basically, I saw romance and couldn’t resist. Who knows how I’ll find the time to read these but I’m excited to get started.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday. I’ll be busy the next couple of days but if I’m not here before, see you in the New Year. I hope you all have some wonderful new books and a really fab day.
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