Sunday Summary // 04.12.2016

04 December 2016

Sunday Summary
It’s Christmas! Yay! Well… it’s December anyway and that’s basically like being Christmas, isn’t it? I mean, it’s the month where you get to eat a chocolate every morning to get ready for Christmas. Not that I even have an advent calendar at home… I did get a free one at work, though. And we don’t have our decorations out either so at the moment December just seems like a normal month. Give it a couple of weeks, though, and it’ll be Christmas central and it’ll be all I can think about as I binge watch all the Christmas films I can find.

I have to say, it feels like only a couple of days ago I was last writing up a Sunday Summary post so I feel like I’ve doing nothing else since I last wrote one of these. I suppose I did go out for a Christmas meal with work people on the 1st December. It was a nice evening and it was nice talking to folk (and is my excuse for not going to this years Christmas party) but I was not impressed with the pub we went to. We’d put our order in beforehand as there were so many of us but they changed the menu from when we made our order and failed to tell us a few of the meals were altered or unavailable. I’d ordered a salmon fishcake starter and they failed to say it wasn’t available and when asked what I ordered and said they still didn’t say it wasn’t available until I pointed out it was no longer the menu then they let me pick an alternate. The same thing happened with a colleague and her main and it was annoying. The food was nice that they served but the epic failure in communication pissed me right off and spoiled my night a bit.

I have also finally seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! It took me a couple of weeks to get around to seeing but I saw it Saturday and it was utterly fantastic. I loved every second of it. Eddie Redmayne was charming as Newt Scamander and it was fantastic in every way. I would watch that film repeatedly. Also, I loved returning to the magical world in a different period. I was infatuated with the costumes and character from the beginning. I need all the stories to explain that world immediately! Seriously, if you have fanfic recs give me them immediately.

Apart from that, though, I’ve really done nothing. I’m slowly working on getting my blog a bit organised for the new year. I’m thinking I need a 2017 diary to help me with my planning. Any good diary suggestions are appreciated.

What I’ve Been Reading

Well, I began the week with a reread of Where the Stars Still Shine. I got a battered used copy from Better World Books US a few months back and I’m so glad I’ve got my own copy now because I love that book. It was such an enjoyable reread and it has gotten me excited to finally get around to reading Doller’s newer book The Devil You Know.

I then began reading Seed, which I got from the library a while ago. It was a bit of an intense read which I enjoyed but left me so frustrated both for the ending but also the cult mentality. I countered that with a lighter YA in the form of Fixing Delilah. That wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows light and fluffy but it was lighter than a girl who grew up in a cult. I then decided I needed light fluff (and to finish a book I’ve had from the library for 2 months!) so I started reading Searching For Perfect. I fell in love with Ned (or Nate as he likes to be known).

New To Me

Yeah… that spending pan failed a little bit at the beginning of the month. I mean, I saw Irresistibly Yours on sale for 99p then I invested in the last two books in the other Layne series and…well… I won’t apologise. I’ll just be binging on romance.
Oh yeah, I was meant to be returning a few of the books which I had out of the library and I may have accidentally borrowed another four on my way out. I have no excuse but they’re free so it was hard to say no. While we’re talking about library books I also borrowed the two bottom ones from the digital library. I’ve not used it recently because I kind of forget my library has ebooks but then I found out they had an ipad app so how could I not? I’ve got 3 weeks to read those two in. We shall see.
And I also got two review copies this week. I discovered How Not To Let Go was on Netgalley after Kaja messaged me about the first book. We both got approved sharpish and I am so excited to start reading that. And I signed up for a book tour of Relativity. It sounds like a really interesting book so I’m excited to read that soon.

As you can see, I am drowning in books so I’m off to read everything ever. I’ve not even had time to play any Pok√©mon since Monday.

What have you been doing this week? Anyone watched Fantastic Bests yet and want to fangirl with me? Also, is the screenplay worth investing or should I hope someone buys me it as a gift as it’s nice to have but not worth buying myself? And any advise in how not to drown in books?
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