Monthly Wrap Up // January 2017

31 January 2017

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The first month of 2017 has already passed and what a crazy month it has been! I mean, for me it’s been crazy hectic and I feel a little exhausted now. I’ve had some really great days of seeing friends and read some good books and basically had a great start to the year. But then I’ve had terrible family news and the world has basically gone crazy with Donald Trump. January has been a whirlwind and whilst I’m glad it’s over I dread to think what February has to bring whilst also looking forward to it.

Can’t Stop Listening

Castle On The Hill – Ed Sheeran
Lone Digger – Caravan Palace
Hero – Family of the Year

January Reads


January Posts

January Links

Elevatormusik | 5 Quick Ways To Refresh Your Blog (because it’s a new year, and that means a new year you (or your blog))
Metaphors and Moonlight | How Our Environment Affects Our Reading // Why I Love Book Playlists // SFF Books With Disability Masterlist (I love this resource and you can help add to it as well)
Girlxoxo | How To Track Reading Challenges With  Spreadsheet (because we all need help being organised at the beginning of a new year)
Boats Against The Current | What’s Your Preferred Length of Book?
Stay Bookish | An Exciting Announcement (Hazel wants to start a YA e-zine so you should check this post out if you want to get involved)
Makeup Savvy | 100 Self Care Tips To See You Through Winter (I think we all need a bit of self care this month)

How has your January been? Have you been dragged down by the awful state of politics or have you found yourself a bright spot? And have you found any good escapist fiction to indulge in?
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