Monthly Wrap Up // February 2017

28 February 2017

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Another month has passed and it’s been a crazy one. I got back on the reading train properly after having a long bout of meh reads and lack of motivation to read new things. This month I reached the 40 mark in my reading year for 2017 and it’s only February. I also successfully made pancakes (why yes, I am finishing this post off on the last day of the month rather than planning ahead) and did it all on my lonesome with no judgement from anyone. My friends had some good news this month so we had things to celebrate as well (always nice) and basically it was a good month, although the end of the month has crept up on me this time. Let’s take a look back at all the bookish and blogging related ways it’s been good, shall we?

Can’t Stop Listening

Fire Escape – Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
21 Days – Scott Helman

February Reads

February Favourites: Pretty Face // Truly // Letter to the Lost // A Promise of Fire
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February Posts

February Links

The Book Voyagers | Swoons Issue #1 (a self made romance magazine featuring romance characters, it’s a work of art, check it out)
Book Riot | 100 Must Read Sports Romances (Because this is a favourite genre of mine and for anyone interested to peruse)
The Fictional Reader | Tropes I’m Tired Of (we all have a few of these and I enjoyed this) 
It Starts at Midnight | Discussions From The Trash (for those times you’re despairing at not having finished a post from your drafts) // Big Books Are Scary
A Kernel of Nonsense | Are ARCs Worth It?
Feed Your Fiction Addiction | Am I the Only One Without an OTP? (because I feel the same)
Pretty Books | Friendship Breakups

How has your month been? Any fantastic reads? A post you kept thinking about? Or maybe life has been busy, tell me all below.
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