Sunday Summary // 12.02.2017

12 February 2017

Sunday Summary
Welcome to another Sunday. I am currently filled with cold. I’m sulking in my fluffy pyjamas and will probably regret not going to the supermarket like I intended as I’ll have to go after work instead, but I’m sick and I can hibernate if I want to.

Anyway, it’s been a much calmer week this week in comparison to last week with my fainting episode (I think I was run down and it was the beginning of my cold hitting). We’ve been merrily working away at work, we’re still waiting to see what will happen with the other offices so it’s business as usual on that front. In fact, I’ve done little other than read this week, as you will see below I’ve been on a really good reading streak.

Another, extremely boring, thing I did this week is actually sort out all the books on my Kindle. I hate how hard it is to navigate on the Kindle Paperwhite and sort your collections on there but I am struggling to remember which books I’ve read and which I haven’t and I have a lot of unread books. On Friday night, when most folks my age go out having fun, I was sat sorting my Kindle books to ones I want to reread, those I’ve read and those which are unread on my Kindle. I have 276 unread books on my Kindle. I want to get that number down to 200 by the end of the year either through reading or DNFing those I don’t like. Is that achievable?

It was one of my second cousin’s 40th birthday party this weekend, as well. I awoke to the day with it snowing (seriously, why has it gotten so cold lately?) and my throat was sore and my nose blocked. I wanted to do nothing but stay in bed but a trip to the library and an adventure to the party was required. It was actually a really lovely time, chatting to the family and seeing everyone was nice. I also got cake, which I always enjoy. We timed our exit well as we were saying goodbye to everyone the fire alarm went off (it had a couple of times before and then shut off) but then someone from the staff came downstairs and told us they were evacuating as smoke was seen from the roof. It was freezing outside so we left, from what I hear the place didn’t burn down but crazy times!

I also had out of the blue news from a couple of friends this weekend. All good, at least, but quite unexpected. I won’t say what it was because they haven’t agreed to have their lives publicised on the internet but I feel like this was the weekend of surprising news. Isn’t it strange how hearing from people can really change the mood of your weekend?

What I’ve Been Reading

I think I went on a romance kick and tried to intersperse other things in there and didn’t enjoy them as much. I loved Pretty Face so much you would not believe! and Truly was all Nick’s fault, I cannot wait for Madly to be released! The other highlight was Letters to the Lost which I would have read way faster if I hadn’t have left my Kindle at home Friday so I had nothing to read all day at work. It was a really great contemporary, I was craving some YA contemporary awesomeness and this delivered. If you’ve lost faith in YA contemporary this may be the book for you. I then craved some more YA and decided to reread Such A Rush (first reread of the year!) and honestly, I forget I love Jennifer Echols books until I read one of them.

New To Me

I think I’ve been a bit more restrained with my shopping… sort of. I mean, I could have bought a whole heap more but I am trying to be good. I bought Truly after reading a fab review for Madly (all Nick’s fault). Wintersong I had preordered except now I’m not in the mood for fantasy! And Wilder has been on my radar for a little while and it went down to 99p so I figured, why not? I’ll probably read for Valentine’s Day or something whilst I continue my romance binge.
And just one new review copy this week. I had to, I may have been a bit frustrated how things went in the second book but it still didn’t half hook me and that ending! There was no doubt I wanted to read this.

How has your week been? Do you ever find yourself on a reading roll that you can’t explain?
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