Nice Dragons Finish Last // A Fantastic Read Which Actually Met Expectations

27 February 2017

Published: 13th July 2014
Source: Borrowed
Genre: Urban Fantasy
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As the smallest dragon in the Heartstriker clan, Julius survives by a simple code: keep quiet, don’t cause trouble, and stay out of the way of bigger dragons. But this meek behaviour doesn't fly in a family of ambitious magical predators, and his mother, Bethesda the Heartstriker, has finally reached the end of her patience.

Now, sealed in human form and banished to the DFZ--a vertical metropolis built on the ruins of Old Detroit--Julius has one month to prove that he can be a ruthless dragon or kiss his true shape goodbye forever. But in a city of modern mages and vengeful spirits where dragons are considered monsters to be exterminated, he’s going to need some serious help to survive this test.

He only hopes humans are more trustworthy than dragons...
I had heard about this book for a long time. I saw reviews from both Kaja and Danya a while ago now and I knew I wanted to read it but I off doing it for now apparent reason. When I learnt the book was available to request as part of the Amazon Prime lending library I knew I was going to be reading it and I’m glad I did. I loved this book.

I had my doubts going into this. I have been burned with recommendations for books (I’m looking at you Labyrinth Lost, why couldn’t the character growth have begun before the 50% mark?) and so I was nervous this would be another flop for me. Add into the fact I was really confused at the beginning of the book and I wasn't certain. Once I got through the first chapter or two I was hooked, though. I didn't want to stop reading, I even ended up sacrificing sleep to make it to the end.

I think what makes this book great is the main character, Julius. Sure, he is uncertain and makes stupid decisions as he listens to others far too much, but he has a conscience and a good head on his shoulders and you like him despite his families insanity. It's not often you get a genuinely nice guy in books, and having him be a nice guy when he's a dragon and part of a family who is actively encouraging him to be more conniving and cruel, well that’s not something you get too often. I loved that he was a nice guy despite all the things that should have made him an asshole.  Create some tension as his mother has manipulated it so that he is likely to be eaten by her if he doesn't prove he is capable of being a dragon and you're ready for a great read.

The book has so many twists and turns and it really keeps you on your toes. It was just really totally awesome. And then you have all these really fab characters and you basically have the best and most addictive read. I mean, Marci, the human mage who is helping him do a job for his brother Ian, is so cool. She may have had a few issues of her own that came up through the book, she was just so nice and her interaction with Julius was great. She was his first honest to god friend who wasn’t out to manipulate him! I also loved Julius’s family. Sure, they were dragons, but they were really cool dragons who were slightly crazy. Bob was definitely my favourite with his slightly weird behaviour, and what was up with the pigeon? I get why he’ll be Julius’s favourite brother.

The book just worked for me, basically. It was funny, action-packed and filled with great and memorable characters. I am fully signed up to read the rest of the series (yes, another one, you got a problem with that?). If you want to read an original and humorous take on dragons with a series which is building to have a really interesting plot arc then this is the book for you. Seriously, give it a chance and see if you like it. You won’t regret it.

Have you read a book which actually met the hype for it lately? And what’s the best dragon book you’ve read, you can never have too many, right?
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