Sunday Summary // 05.02.2017

05 February 2017

Sunday Summary
Welcome to February guys. It is now three weeks until my birthday. I feel like I should maybe do something special for my birthday on my blog but I don’t know what. I mean, I know that my blogoversary comes a little over a week later and I feel like I should do something significant to mark it. I shall go into planning for it, I think.

On to my week, it has been a strange one. Work has been a bit dramatic, we’re moving office this year to a couple of miles further away, I’m not thrilled about it as it doubles my travel costs, but I accept it. We knew we would be combining with another office but what we didn’t know is they were closing two of the offices in the Midlands and combining them all into this new office. The staff at our other two sites have been notified of this and it means there is the chance a lot of people will be leaving over the next couple of months. There will be a high turnover during the move and we’re worried the accounts team at one of our other offices will leave, which leaves more work for me (yep, more work!). Add into that we’ve had system issues at work which have led me to have to pick up some extra work already and I’ve finished the week feeling exhausted. We’ll wait and see how it goes, I’m thinking in terms of worst-case scenarios anyway. Must think positive.

Also, I had plans to go out for cocktails on Friday, which I did. They were delicious cocktails. I was sat there enjoying myself, it was busy at the bar and I was quite warm and felt my head go fuzzy. I intended to go get some air and full on fainted when I got up. Nothing like fainting in a public place to brighten up your day. It was so embarrassing and I ended up going home by half past ten and I can’t even claim it was because I drank too much. Honestly, like I need help in making a spectacle of myself. Luckily, my friends are very good and got me home okay but let me tell you I felt rough afterwards. It’s been a few years since I last fainted in public and not something I want to repeat. I think I may just be overtired and was just too warm but we shall see. If it happens again a trip to the doctor may be necessary. Honestly, this is why I can’t do nice things.
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So, yeah, it’s been an interesting week. I plan to spend the day curled up at home today and watching lots on TV. I’ve got myself Groundhog Day to watch since I missed watching it on the 2nd of this month. I also told my brother I’d watch the first season of Breaking Bad (I know, how haven’t I watched that yet?). I am basically hiding away for the day.

What I’ve Been Reading

I began reading Nice Dragons Finish Last at the beginning of this week and it was amazing! So good, I cannot wait to continue on with the series. It will be absolutely amazing. I then I had a couple of disappointing reads in the form of One Snowy Night (it just felt unnecessary and rushed, I have higher hopes for book #3) and Our Own Private Universe (it was well written and had an important story in it but it was a bit too immature for my tastes). It’s okay, though, my reading week was redeemed in the form of Love the One You’re With. Lauren Layne makes everything better.

New To Me

Well, I didn’t mean to buy any books but then I saw Sonali Dev’s most recent release going cheap for Kindle (which doesn’t always happen) so immediately bought that. I love Sonali Dev’s books a lot. And then I saw Winner’s Kiss going cheap and I wanted to complete my Kindle collection as I loved that series and will reread. As fro Star Touched Queen? It was under £2 and considering that book isn’t out here so you have to order a hardcopy from the US I figured how could I not? They are all Kindle purchases. I feel like that makes it okay.
I also borrowed one more book from the library. I loved Ancillary Justice so I wanted to have the next book to hand to read ASAP (you know, after all those other books I’ve said the same thing about).
And I went a bit crazy with NetGalley and publisher emails but I want to read all these books. I am so excited for The Upside of Unrequited, I’ve been wanting to read that for a while. Letters to the Lost sounds like an interesting YA read and I’m hoping I’ll enjoy it. I’ve got the first two books in the Darling, VT series by Donna Alward so I was unlikely to turn down the third (look at for a review tomorrow on the first one). As for Caitlin Moran’s Moranifesto? I so want to read that, I loved How To Be A Woman and wanted to read this for a while. Also, she’s from Wolverhampton, the woman is basically local to me. Have to support her for that reason alone.

Anyway, that is my week, I’m off to rest up now. How has your week been? If anyone can beat me with a fainting in a public place story please do! And let me know about your interesting reads of the week.
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