Sunday Summary // 19.02.2017

19 February 2017

Sunday Summary
I’m sure you all want an update on how I’m feeling. My cold is mostly gone and I feel pretty rested up (or I would if my dog didn’t insist on coming to wake me up at half past seven because he wants to roll around and be a pest). I now just have a lingering cough. Enough about my cold, though, that’s boring.

What else have I done this week? It’s actually been quite a boring week for me. I’ve not gone out much, I did nothing on Valentine’s day. I basically became a recluse with my cold this week. I didn’t even get that much reading done because I got sucked into watching crap on TV I wouldn’t usually. I mean, I’ve become a dedicated watcher of Eastenders (for those not in the UK this a soap on TV 4 days a week all year round and is both terrible and great… many people in the UK have the soap they watch religiously, it’s a thing). I’d be embarrassed I watch soaps… but I kind of love them, it’s half an hour of mindless TV and I miss the Sunday afternoon omnibus, where has that gone?

Apart from my TV watching, though, I’ve done nothing. I went to the pub Wednesday but that was a none event so you don’t care about that. I think I just couldn’t be bothered to do more, even reading was a bit slower this week.

What I’ve Been Reading

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Well, I’d say this has been a week of re-reads. I know there are only 2 re-reads on here but considering I had one last week as well, that’s a lot of such a short space of time. I carried on my YA reading in the form of I’ll Meet You There and it was just as good second time around. I love when that happens. I then went with the romance theme and Read Home At Last, it’s the last in the Sanctuary Island books and Marcus and Quinn’s story and I really enjoyed it. They were just perfect together. I was a bit disappointed by Done Dirt Cheap but I think that’s because I went in with my own expectations which is never a good idea. I will write a full review soon so you can see all my thoughts. Moon Called was my other reread and I am now wondering is I should read just the Mercy Thompson books or the expanded world with the Alpha Omega series. Suggestions? I read Deceptions in a day and was in love with the characters even if the plot wasn’t as strong. I immediately began Betrayals because how could I not? I am very much waiting for the conclusion on this one.

New To Me

I think I’ve been quite good this week. I mean, yes, Caraval is on my post as new (again) but that is because I had to buy a copy for myself, especially as I saw it for £5 at Tesco (supermarkets, the place I buy most books at the moment). I did have a bit of a book buy thing on Amazon… but I have £20.00 of gift card left so I feel no remorse about that. It probably won’t last much longer, though, but oh well.
I am pleased I’ve only gotten myself two books for review this week (go me, cutting down the numbers of my ARCs… or breaking even). I got a surprise approval for Roar considering all I did was wish for it on Netgalley (seriously, who knew that worked?). I’m intrigued by Cormack’s first foray into YA and so I knew I’d be reading at some point. As for Good Girls Don’t Kiss and Tell, I have been a big fan of Codi Cary’s for a while so when her newsletter mentioned reviewing her newest book I was there straight away. I cannot recommend her Rock Canyon series enough, it just works for me on every level and I feel a good old reread of the whole series as it has been a while.

How has your week been? Anyone done anything nice for Valentine’s Day or did you forget about it like I did? And any good book recommendations you feel you need to force upon me (I will complain but I always like new books really).
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