Sunday Summary // 26.02.2017

26 February 2017

Sunday Summary
I will begin with a simple gif.
Why yes, it is my birthday today. I have turned 26 and some might say I’ve reached my late 20s. Those people are stupid and I don’t like them. Anyway, it’s my birthday on the day of posting and so happy birthday to me I suppose. I’ll be busy doing very little, reading I guess, whilst I wait for some deliveries to get here. I do have a cake and presents, though, and that’s always good.

Anyway, this week hasn’t been all about my birthday (sadly) I’ve actually been quite relaxed. I mean, work has been quite slow and I’ve actually had time to relax and actually joke around with people in the office for once, which has been nice. We still don’t have a definite moving date but we’re all talking about the office move (obviously). It’s nice to actually enjoy myself at work and not be worrying about other things. I mean, we’ve had warning signs that we’ll be taking on more work from an office which is closing, but even that can’t bring me down. More work is good, it means they can’t get rid of us (see how I think positive). I think my positivity is helped by the fact my work birthday was Friday (you know, the day you get given gifts and you bring in cakes to celebrate your birthday if you’re not going to be in) and so I got to eat caterpillar cake and have presents. I now have a very snazzy looking pen holder on my desk so I’m not continually digging around for a pen (a frequent problem).

Also, I went to a pub quiz this week with a friend. We most definitely did not win but it was fun to try. Although, we were sat there drinking our pints and looking at each other in despair. General knowledge is not my thing, it was fun to try at least. It was a laugh to see my friend. Our weekly outings have gotten same-y so doing something different is always good.

What I’ve Been Reading

It’s been a strange reading week this week. I mean, The Pursuit was a bit of a letdown but still enjoyable. And then Someone To Love was good, a solid romance which I may not have loved but I enjoyed as well. I stalled a bit on A Promise of Fire mostly because I was so busy and I wanted to delay the inevitable of finishing it because I’ll not be able to get a hold of the next book for a while. I then was really surprised by One Wild Night expecting another good but not mind-blowing romance and ending up really enjoying it for reasons. And then I began a flop of a book in the form of Starry Night. What I am learning is I must stop judging a book by its cover, Starry Night drew me in with that absolutely lovely artistic cover and then the inside just plain bored me. Luckily, I bought myself a couple of books I knew I wanted to read and I am enjoying the beginning of the Alpha & Omega series so yay.

New To Me

Now, my new books are a bit different. I decided to finally buy Undecided because I’ve seen lots of good things said about it. I know the next books has less good things said about it, but I can just read the first book, it’s fine. I also decided I would read the Mercy Thompson world books rather than just her own series so I bought the novella which begins the Alpha & Omega series and Cry Wold, we’ll see how it goes. It’ll be an expensive book buying pursuit but since it’s my birthday, why not? 

What have you been up to this week? Anyone got any tips on how to win a pub quiz? And, as always, talk books with me.
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