Sunday Summary // 26.03.2017

26 March 2017

Sunday Summary
How has it been a full month since my birthday? Where has the time gone? I mean, how don’t know how it has all passed so quickly, we’re practically in April now and I am very much not ready for that.

It was a bit of a sad week this week, and also a frustrating one. I won’t go into the details but one team has now officially been made redundant. It was sad to see them go but they had all successfully gotten other positions both in the company and outside so at least I could be happy that they were going on to other things. Their leaving did coincide with us being told who was moving over from another office which is closing and being told we were getting lots of extra work and also finally got a confirmation date for moving office. Or a provisional date as long as everything doesn’t go wrong so yay! It’s all changing at my office right now. At least I know I won’t run out of stuff to do for a while.

Anyway, work is boring. I talk about work an awful lot. It’s where I spend a lot of my week, after all. This week I’ve had less of a social week. I was planning to see Beauty and the Beast with a friend but it was sold out and when we got to the cinema the queue for the screen was snaking towards the door. I’m glad we decided to go see Get Out instead, which was a good film if a little weird and very funny. I get why it’s gotten such good reviews, I really do.

Apart from the cinema, though. It’s been a slow week. I’m busy next week so I kind of feel like I’m trying to chill before that. Also, it’s mother’s day today here in the UK so I have to spend the day celebrating the awesomeness of my mom (pretty damn awesome). I’ve not bought her a gift because me and my brother already paid for her getting her hair done a couple of weeks ago (her request, not our idea) but I will be spending most of the day with her rather than my usual pyjama day. At least the weather is meant to be nice this weekend, I may try and persuade her we should go out somewhere.

What I’ve Been Reading

303183062530929433224718Ancillary Mercy
Another slow week of reading, really. I stayed up way too late reading Gemina on Sunday night (like 1am and five hours sleep too late) and so I was in bed dead early the next day and did basically no reading. I picked up and put down Jaeth’s Eye a few times. Ultimately, I don’t think I’ll be finishing it which annoys me because I want to like it but you know when your mind drifts when reading? I keep doing that and I know if I persist much longer I will actively not want to read and that is not where I want to be. To try and counteract that I was trying to read Ancillary Mercy as well, which would have been fine but I was still suffering some sci-fi hangover from Gemina so then I had to switch to something completely different in the form of Geekerella (because I saw Nick liked it) and that cured things a bit for me. I have then returned to Ancillary Mercy which I’ve enjoyed a whole lot more after having a book to break the sci-fi up with.

New To Me

30095464rookie movehard hitterdark made dawn
Oh, my excellent skills at not buying things went right down the drain a little this week. I was buying all the things and it all started with The Bone Witch which technically I bought a while ago but it took a while to be dispatched. I’ve not read it yet as I am majorly daunted but I’m hoping it’ll be good. It was then a slippery slope with Rookie Move going on offer for Kindle and so I had to buy Hard Hitter as well because I’ve been dying to read it. I know it’s only three books but I bought nothing last week (apart from freebies). I do feel proud that I’ve seen a few Kindle books go on offer that I’ve wanted to read but I’ve made the decision to visit my library instead.

And then there was Dark Made Dawn which is actually a review copy but I’ve only had the one this week so I included here. I still need to start the second book in this series but I’m hoping it’ll be good.

That’s my week, it may not have been as eventful as weeks past but it’s been good. How has your week been?
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