Good Girls Don’t Kiss And Tell // A Great Small Town Romance That Reminded I Love This Series

08 March 2017

Good Girls Don’t Kiss and Tell (Rock Canyon, Idaho #7) – Codi Gary
Published: 28th February 2017
Source: Bought & ARC
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Small Town Romance, Fake Relationship
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They used to be enemies…

Gracie McAllister has never been the relationship type…until now. After a brutal visit from her happily married parents, Gracie is looking for Mr. Right…not Mr. Right Now. And despite their recent truce, there is no way sexy Eric Henderson is anything but.

Now they’re allies…

Eric has always had a thing for Gracie, but they could never manage to get on the same page long enough to explore the heat between them. When Eric gets the opportunity of a lifetime, he asks Gracie for help…and swears her to secrecy.

But is that all?

Now the whole town thinks their romance is real, but it’s just a business arrangement. There’s no way they’re actually falling in love…right?
I have been a fan of Codi Gary’s Rock Canyon books for a long time. I first read them back in 2014 and have been pre-ordering them with each new release. It’s partially because I am a fan of small town romances but also because these books are good and so when I heard that people were being given the opportunity to review I jumped right in there (even if I did have this pre-ordered already). and I have no regrets.

Throughout the books Gracie and Eric had had a will they/won’t they type of interaction and had been a huge favourite of mine. I had been waiting for them to get their own book for a while so to finally get it had me celebrating and it did not disappoint.

Eric is the gruff bartender who has been driving Gracie crazy half her life and Gracie is the girl everyone likes who Eric loves to rile up. The pair of them have sparks flying every time they’re in a room together even if neither of them are supposedly interested in being together. It was great seeing the antagonistic relationship that was really just flirting develop. Also, yay for a good old fake relationship. I love when I get surprised with that trope in a book (because some of us didn’t even read the summary before buying because that is how dedicated I’ve been to this series) because it is my absolute favourite ever. I thought it was cool that Eric was willing to pose as Gracie’s boyfriend to get her mother off her back. Sure, he had his own reasons for it but I still loved it.

I also loved seeing everyone else in the book and a major storyline throughout the series got revealed which was awesome! I was surprised by the reveal and then kicking myself that it was pretty obvious who it could be. I am always like that with mysteries, I either see it straight away or can’t see beyond the end of my nose.

For me this was a great small town romance. I got to see characters I knew and loved finally get their act together with a variety of situations pushing them together so they had no other choice but to realise they were meant to be together. The pair were cute and fun and Gracie totally owns it for not being ashamed of dating a lot of men in town. Some see it as her being fussy but she isn’t ashamed to have kissed a few frogs (a lot of them… a whole heap) and I liked that message. I don’t know why Codi Gary isn’t more popular when her small town romances are just as good as everyone else's but I am telling you to go pick up one of her books.

Have you got an author you love that no one seems to have read? And don’t you love when a romance is just as satisfying as you expect it to be?
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