Sunday Summary // 19.03.2017

19 March 2017

Sunday Summary
It’s Sunday again and it’s been one of those weeks where I almost feel like I’ve been missing a limb because I took a little blogging timeout. I’d intended to write a few posts throughout the week and to comment on blogs and reply to my own comments but then I lost motivation. This was partially because I was exhausted. I’d not had much sleep Sunday and Monday then I went to see Logan Tuesday night with my brother (FYI, it’s awesome, but pack tissues) and I was at the pub Wednesday for catching up. By Thursday I was exhausted, in bed by 9pm and slept for 9 hours. Basically, I had a week of pure exhaustion so I decided to take a break from blogging for a few days even though I had all these ideas! I didn’t even set up my bullet journal for the week on Sunday as I normally would because my motivation was simply non-existent.

As I said, I tried to focus on me and seeing my friends and keeping busy this week which is why I was so exhausted by the end of it. I plan on a pyjama day for Sunday. I have some new Star Wars pyjamas which I am really looking forward to wearing for the day and I will fight my dog for the bed so we can sit and watch a bit more Iron Fist. I’m still not sure what I think of the show but then I am only on episode 5 right now. I’ll see how it develops.

Now, I know you’re probably bored of me talking about work each weekend but it is kind of the major focus of my life currently. We were told this week that it’s only the one team at risk, they will probably receive notice of their redundancy on Wednesday. It sucks because I like these people and it’s a ridiculous idea but we are unable to fight it. My team is safe and possibly expanding which is just absurd when they’re getting rid of folks but what a nightmare! I’m waiting to see what happens but I’m not saying no if a good job comes along. It’s not great but at least we know I won’t lose my job for the next few months at least.

Another nightmare of my week has been getting a new phone. All I wanted to do was sort my contract out and keep my phone number and somehow they’ve disconnected my old number instead and I’m having to wait until Monday for them to reconnect and until then I’m stuck with a new phone number I don’t want to use because I don’t want to learn a new phone number! Why do phone companies fail to do such simple things? It’s a nightmare, and I was all excited about owning a shiny new iPhone 7 (I never get a new new phone, it’s always a phone that’s cheap so it’s exciting).

What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve not done too much reading this week either, along with my blogging break I took a slower time reading simply because I was doing other things. It was quite nice. I enjoyed the short stories as an easy start to the week. Then Madly by Ruthie Knox was just as good as the first book. It was sweet and who knew I enjoyed an age gap in a romance? It totally worked for me. I didn’t even care about the British-ness of Winston.  Dark Currents was a disappointment, it wasn’t what I wanted I just couldn’t get into reading it fully, it just made me want to read other UF instead. Oh well, I’m ending the week with Ancillary Sword and that has been a good book so far (even if I am confused again due to the short gap between the first and the second book).

New To Me

Paris LightsSeven Steps to HappinessHope Flames
I got three free books this week. I got Paris Lights free for Kindle as I saw it over at Nicole’s blog and was vaguely intrigued (I like the setting of Paris, okay?). Seven Steps to Happiness I won from Rachel at Confessions of a Book Geek and it arrived this week! I’m excited to read because it sounds like such a good book. Go check out her blog as she’s running another competition right now for a really cool historical book. And then Hope Flames (and also the first book in Jill Shalvis’s Heartbreaker Bay) is free here in the UK so if you can get yourselves a copy). So, three freebies don’t count towards anything.
DefenderSix of CrowsThe Coldest Girl in ColdtownThe One Real ThingThe Rook
I also took a trip to the library this week (I returned book and borrowed five… it’s a thing). I’m very excited about all these books. It helps that a couple of these I wanted to buy and borrowing them for free is a far cheaper option. I’m eager to read Six of Crows since I was so annoyed by Bardugo’s  Grisha series but I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book and it’s sequel so we shall see. Yeah, wish me luck. I both want to read my library books, my own books and my ARCs. I will conquer all!
Goodbye DaysThe Names They Gave Us
I also have a couple of new ARCs. I have Goodbye Days because everyone has been raving about that book and I’m auto-approved. And I was approved for The Names They Gave Us which I am totally psyched for. Even though my growing ARC issue means I have way too many books to read.

Anyway, that is my week. I have a whole heap of books to read and plenty to keep my entertained and not enough hours to do it in. Tell me about your week and if you have a phone horror story please tell me an make me feel better.
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