Sunday Summary // 05.03.2017

05 March 2017

Sunday Summary
Honestly, how is it March already? My months are going by so fast and I feel like I’m behind somehow even though I’ve got a few drafts up and I’m mostly (sort of) on top of my ARCs and I’m definitely reading plenty. It’s like that feeling of forgetting something when you leave the house even though you checked your bag before your left… except for a blogging version of it.

Anyway, no more about strange feelings and onto my week. It was a nice one, I had a couple of days off of work after my birthday so I got some reading and TV watching done. I went out for a meal with my friend which was insanely fun because we don’t tend to do stuff like that anymore. I also participated in pancake day and made pancakes! Now, I know I don’t mention cooking and food often and there is a reason for that. I am lazy and don’t enjoy cooking so actually making pancakes from scratch was a crazy achievement for me which left me feeling very pleased with myself. It doesn’t mean I will become the queen of cooking but I may try to do things myself from time to time rather than eating microwavable or frozen food.

My week hasn’t been all fantastic, though. I did wake up on Friday and somehow I’d done my back in. It’s the worst pain I’ve experienced and it was not fun. I was hobbling around the house trying not to turn my head or jolt myself. I made it into work, though, so I feel I may be exaggerating. It’s not completely better yet but I have a lot more freedom of movement and don’t want to lie down and cry (although when I thought about doing that I realised I wouldn’t get back up again). It does mean I’ve spent a little bit less time on my laptop this weekend. Weekends are normally blogging time and I’ve not been able to sit in a set position for too long so I’m a little behind. Maybe I’ll have more time tonight.

What I’ve Been Reading

This has been a slower reading week and I’m okay with that. I began by reading a book I actually treated myself to on impulse, All In Pieces. I read Nereyda’s review of it and knew it was a book I needed in my life and I have no regrets on that front. I then reread Fast Women as I’ve slowly been invested in owning my own copies of some of Jennifer Crusie’s back catalogue and I forgot how much fun that book was. I then read Good Girls Don’t Tell and loved it. It’s meant to wrap up the Rock Canyon books I think and it does do that. I then had another read in the form of Getting Rid of Bradley which has been on my Kindle for a couple of months. It’s my 'I was in pain' reread and it definitely cheered me up. I also started rereading City of the Lost because I can and because I wanted to before I start A Darkness Absolute. I've definitely been in rereading mode for the past few weeks and I'm loving it. Why don't I reread more?

New To Me

Now… don’t judge, it was my birthday at the end of last month. I haven’t actually bought a book yet this month. I got my Kindle First book but then the rest are all February books… apart from Wintersong and Red Sister which came in my Illumicrate which was good… except now I wish I hadn’t bought Wintersong on my Kindle. I may gift my physical copy… we’ll see.

I did a bit of self present giving at the end of the month and finally bought myself a few more Jennifer Crusie books to add to my own collection. I also got a few other books I’ve been wanting to own my own copies of for a while. I got Nowhere But Home and Forget You, both books I read before I began blogging and I cannot wait to reread. I did get myself Kushiel’s Dart as well because I’ve been wanting to read that series for a while but no one warned me it was a tome! I’m a little daunted by it, to be honest.

I forgot to include review copies last week but here are all the books I’ve got for review from the past fortnight. I am very excited to read Geekerella and It Happened on Love Street. I sort of got persuaded by JoJo Moyes’s name on the cover for the short story collection. And I know I shouldn’t have accepted a review copy of a pirate romance but I wanted to read it and sort of couldn't resist. I’m just that type of person. It’ll either be great (fingers crossed) or terrible. And I also got emailed about Jaeth’s Eye for review by the author and I couldn’t resist. It sounds like such an interesting read and I have all three books in the series to read and review for the end of the month.
And I also borrowed a single book from the library. I was wasting 15 minutes waiting for my brother and I picked this up on a whim. I’ve heard nothing about it just happened to see it on a shelf and I was intrigued so fingers crossed for a good book.

How has your week been? Anyone got any good advice for back pain? And What books are you excited to be reading lately? And do you sometimes find yourself wanting to do nothing but reread?
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