Happy Thoughts // New Food, New Shows And New Things Putting A Smile On My Face

10 March 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and so I thought it was about time to talk about a few non-bookish things which are putting a smile on my face. It’s always good to appreciate the little things brightening up your day and it’s always fun to tell others about the things you are enjoying the most of late.

Tesco’s Finest Root Vegetable Crisps

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Look, food will always make me happy no matter what but usually it’s something sweet or chocolate related. This time I am excited about crisps! The tastiest crisps I’ve had in a while. I mean, I am a fan of kale chips (and I would love to learn how to make them myself) so the fact I like other vegetable type crisps shouldn’t surprise me but it does. I bought these because my friend had some beetroot crisps and I was a little jealous. I was then out shopping and saw these crisps and knew I needed them. I have no regrets they are amazing and I will eat them forever.

New Music

I love nothing more than discovering new artists to listen to and I’ve currently got Spotify Premium and I am taking full advantage of it. I am listening to lots of new things and writing a long list of artists I need to buy albums from. The band I’m most excited to have discovered actually came from my brother. He has been telling everyone he knows to listen to a new band he rediscovered and that is The Menzingers. Last time I was in his car we merrily listened to the album so after listening to their songs on shuffle on Spotify I can say this is a new favourite in my music-listening collection.

New TV Shows

For some reason shows start at different times in the UK, we don’t tend to have the new season in September and October but instead in the new year. I know it’s a whole thing about TV rights and everything, but even new British shows there always seem to be more in the New Year than in autumn. It’s been nice watching new shows. I’ve loved Legion and I’m so excited for a new (and final) series of Broadchurch. I’ve loved David Tennant ever since Doctor Who and it’s great seeing him in all these different roles, this is one of my favourites with him being so grumpy. I’ve thing for grumpy men it seems.

Trying New Things

I am someone who likes what they know and knows what they like. I am not always adventurous and up for trying new things without a push. And I also hate doing things unless I know I’m going to do them well. It’s why I will always cook the same meals and do the same things because I hate not doing things well. I’m trying to be better at this, though, so when pancake day came around I decided to actually cook pancakes myself and screw it if it went wrong.

I Googled a recipe for American style pancakes and did some shopping. I made sure I had the house to myself and did some cooking. I followed the recipe (mostly) and they turned out pretty damn successfully if I do say so myself. It is proof that I am capable of following instructions and that I should suck it up and try new things. I don’t know if I can do something unless I try so I should try a bit more.

New Bags

Look, I am not exactly the biggest shopper but I do enjoy indulging in new things every so often. The other week I noticed my usual everyday bag was breaking around the handle and was holding on by a few threads. With my birthday I decided I should treat myself, my stepdad bought one bag for me. A lovely suede bag that is just so nice without being too much. A great casual bag that still looks like I’ve put some effort in somehow. And I then treated myself to a cheaper bag I hoped I could use as a good everyday type bag. They both arrived and were fabulous. I knew the suede one was going to be lovely but the surprise one was the cheap one I bought. It was bigger than expected and just looked amazing, a feat considering I got it for less than £15. I am utterly in love with it and may be a little heartbroken if it breaks, but then not too upset as it was a bargain and I can repurchase.

What has been making you happy lately? Is it a thing, a song, or just something that happened to you lately? What non-bookish things have you been up to in life?
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