Sunday Summary // 12.03.2017

12 March 2017

Sunday Summary
Welcome once more to the end of the week (or the beginning, I never get why some people start their week on a Sunday, and why do some calendars do that as well? It’s weird).

It’s been one of those weeks. It’s been a bad week actually. It’s been a week where actual tears and some potential life decisions need to be made and it sucks. Basically, some people in our office are being made redundant as their jobs are being moved down south and it is utterly shit. No other word for it. I was annoyed because we weren’t even told it was because their jobs were moving down south, we found out from others because they’re stuck working for 2 weeks! We were told Thursday and we found out via gossip Friday the reason why and I ended up crying at work for partially unrelated reasons and it was a mess. Anyway, now we’re pretty convinced that our jobs are at risk too so I need to decide if I hang around waiting for the potential axe to drop (because yay redundancy) or attempt to do the job search and get out first. It’s a nightmare so you can imagine why it’s been a bad week. I’ve decided to wait until I’m less emotional to make any major decisions but it still sucks.

It wasn’t all bad, though. I refuse to wallow and I won’t worry myself too much. This is because my family attempt to talk sense into my often (I may not always be known for being reasonable, thus the crying) and I have awesome friends. I spent my Thursday at the pub (honestly, I sound like I’m there all the time) chatting about how families can be crazy, how we are totally making sure her house is going to be decorated wonderfully, and how we are definitely not allowed to die on each other as it would be too depressing (brought up because I know someone whose best friend died recently). Also, saying we can totally run our favourite bar which is closing. We would be terrible at it but we would make up for our shortcomings with sheer enthusiasm. As you can tell, it was an utter nonsense evening but it was exactly what I needed.

I have also had an insanely productive weekend (even if I’ve technically done my productive thing for Sunday yet). I tend to like to clean when I’m procrastinating, I was the tidiest person at uni but I’ve been slacking of late and so gave my room a major spring clean. I reorganised my bookshelves and actually had a bit of a book cull. I got honest with myself about what I would and wouldn’t reread and it was necessary and means I no longer have two towers of TBR books. They're now on shelves.

My pile of books I need to get rid of are huge, though. I don’t know what to do with them. Would anyone be interested in swapping or willing to pay for postage if you want a book? I feel like I need to do something good with my signed copies as well and a couple of ARCs I want to giveaway. I’ll try and post a photo below of the pile so you can take a look.

My trade pile

ARCs and signed editions

Now, I only have my ‘to get rid of’ book tower and a pile of books by my bed called the ‘last chance books’. Those are the books which I have tried and tried to read and never succeeded. They have been on my shelf for years and it’s time I gave them one last chance and if I still don’t want to read them they have to go. I’m planning to do a post on them in full so you can see what I’m up against.

What I’ve Been Reading

Well, it’s not been a great reading week this week. I read a couple of chapters from Tuesday to Thursday and it sucked. I fell into a bit of a reading slump after finishing A Darkness Absolute and whilst I’ve really enjoyed reading Moranifesto, Caitlin Moran’s collection of articles doesn’t exactly make you want to stay up late reading. Then, add in my crappy week and I didn’t feel like reading much either. I did finally commit to a reread of Welcome to Temptation on Friday because if Jennifer Crusie couldn’t cheer me up there was just no hope. She did and then I had You’re Welcome, Universe, which I thought I wouldn’t be in the mood for as I knew there was no romance in it and I was wrong on so many levels. That book is all about the friends!

New To Me

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So, my bad week kind of meant I bought a bit more than intended but after seeing the physical TBR pile I have as I tidied yesterday I feel I am shocked enough into not buying anything new. For a little while anyway. I am happy with all of my purchases, though. I am a little annoyed I seem to be buying Jennifer Crusie’s books in both Kindle and physical form rather than concentrating on getting them in just a single format but oh well. My collection will be completed eventually. I did have a bit of a drama when it came to buying The Song Rising. I had had it pre-ordered from an age ago but when it came to release day and I still had no update on my order. I ended up having a whole drama getting it cancelled as turns out delivery was delayed! Luckily, I saw a copy available on another website so I instantly bought that instead so I have a copy. Now to get around to reading it! I also accidentally bought You’re Welcome, Universe when browsing for a decent price online. I always intended to buy it so I feel no regrets but I wish I’d waited for next month!

By the time you’re reading this I’ll probably be assembling a couple of shelving units for my CDs and DVDs (yes, I still own both along with blu-rays) and probably regretting my decision to buy them. How has your week been? Anyone else started their spring cleaning like me? And what should I pick up to read next?
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