Bookish home shopping… because why not?

07 November 2019

If you’ve read any post from the past few weeks (couple of months?) then you will know I am buying a house. Yes, it’s all very exciting (terrifying) but it involves lots of big decisions and big expensive purchases because I own nothing! And I thought this would be a great time to link up a bunch of bookish home stuff that I hope to have in my lovely new home… you know… if I won the lottery and money was no issue.

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you guys this but I went from living at uni all independent with housemates to moving back home with my mom. The idea was that I’d save for a couple of years after I found myself a job and then be moved out… and that just didn’t happen. It took me forever to find a job after uni because it turns out having practically no work experience and a BA in History is not the best way to make yourself employable. Who knew? Yeah, so I should have used more forward planning or had any kind of plan for my future. Don’t judge me! I just followed the expected path and studied something which interested me… honestly, there a few things I’d do differently looking back on it but I had a great time at uni so I can’t regret that. Anyway, the point is I ended up living at home for far longer than I’d hoped to but it got to the point where it made more sense to save a big house deposit and buy somewhere rather than moving out to rent somewhere and I am honestly so happy I did. Sure, it’s not the coolest still living with your mom but when have I ever claimed to be cool?

Anyway, because I moved back home the small amount of home shit (yep, getting technical here) which I accumulated has slowly been thrown away or merged with the stuff we already have at home it means I get to have a fully fresh start. Everything will be new and this time I’m not doing it on a student budget and can actually buy nice things. And since this is me I thought it would be fun to see what home type things I could find which had a bookish theme… or possibly just a general geeky/nerd theme. I love doing things like this.

I have to say, I had an absolute blast finding things for this post and I created a whole Pinterest board and I will probably keep adding to it. But now to share some of the great ideas I want in my future home.


I know I don’t really need more mugs. I have a lot of them, but who could resist these bookish/blogging mugs? I am very tempted to treat myself to the ‘Go Away I’m Blogging’ one because that would be so cute. And those two Matilda ones I want so much, I almost bought them as gifts for some people but I didn’t think they were quite that into reading to justify it.


Where would mugs be without coasters? need to keep those rings off of my coffee table (which I don’t own yet). I mean, some of these are more motivational than others and I actually have the Nope one as a mug but really, that image is appropriate it any and all formats. I do love a good coaster and at home, we have some which I adore. How have I become a person who has strong feelings about coasters?


Since we’re talking about drinks let’s look at the cushions I want to cosy up on in my living room when I’m drinking these drinks. I could have found hundreds of cushions so I am only including a few (you don’t me to find these for you, do you?).  These are some cute ones I found, though… I didn’t want to get lost in Redbubble… I wouldn’t have finished this post if I did.

And then I started losing direction because there are so many rooms to try and buy for! But I found tea towels and oven gloves that had me about ready to spit out my drink laughing. There are bookends (because these are essential in any book lovers home). And can I say that that book lamp has been on my wish list for so long! It is just ideal for any reader and I don’t even care that I tend to read more ebooks, I like that I could have that by my bedside and have a physical book on the go and have a reading light to read by.

Do you have anything you’ve always wanted to have in your home? And is there any exciting thing I’ve missed you want to recommend to me?
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