Island Fling With The Tycoon // Transports You to Sunnier Climes And You Fall In Love Too

04 November 2019

Island Flung With The Tycoon – Therese Beharrie
Published: 22nd August 2019
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
My Rating:
Could a fairy-tale wedding…
..lead to her own love story?

Piper Evans must track down her runaway-groom brother and enlists the help of tycoon Caleb Martin. He is everything she has sworn to stay away from – gorgeous but uncompromising. Island hopping around Greece, Piper finds herself increasingly tempted by the man whose totally off-limits…
I'm not going to lie, it took me three attempts to finish this book. That's nothing against the book but I wasn't in the right mood on the first two attempts. It does demonstrate my love for Therese Beharrie, though, because there aren't a lot of authors whose books I'd persevere with for so long. For her, I always will. She doesn’t disappoint once you are into the story.

What won me over in the end with this book was simple. It was that Greek setting and that these two idiots were fighting against everything not be together when they were obviously head over heels in love.

The setting first off, it was stunning. I mean, every Therese Beharrie book seems to have a beautiful setting be it a beautiful holiday destination like Greece or be it her usual stomping ground of South Africa (which to the rest of us seems like another interesting country to explore but to her is just home and yet she manages to make her everyday sound beautiful too). She always has me about ready to book a ticket to fly somewhere and it was no different here. Piper's brother, Liam, is having a destination wedding on the isle of Mykonos. It's all being paid for by Piper's future brother in law, Caleb. And damn, don't I just want to fly off to Mykonos and Santorini after reading this! I already know Greece is lovely but there are so many small islands to explore and I have practically booked my ticket to go next year. I wanted to join Piper and Caleb when they were in restaurants when they gate-crashed a walking tour. Every location had me lusting after a warm sun and a chance to relax in a scenic location. And maybe I'll have the chance for a holiday romance while I'm at it.

The setting was one thing, but Piper and Caleb were the other driving force. The first couple of times I'd picked it up in the wrong mood and the assumptions they both kept making about the other's actions at the start frustrated me. I wanted them to talk and not be apart due to misunderstandings but the third time? Yeah, I got it. Piper spent her whole life being dictated to by her father who was an emotional abuser, and when she finally had her freedom after he died she again fell into a relationship where she lost her independence and dated another version of her father. She learnt from these things but never wanted to again have her life chosen by someone else, no matter how well-intentioned they might be and that was Caleb all over. And Caleb? He assumed the role of parent for his siblings after their father's death when he was just 18. Ever since he has been caring and looking after them, far longer than he probably needed to. He liked the control he had and didn't like to lose that. He was used to taking action and making things happen thinking he was being helpful, but that's not what Piper wants or needs. The two of them kept getting their wires crossed as they didn't know where the other was coming from. Once they got to know each other a bit better I was in love. I was cheering them along when they talked about their past and I was crying towards the end when it looked like all was lost and they weren't meant to be.

Basically, this book was brilliant. I mean, any book which can do a total 180 for me is going to be a winner. I went from putting the book down in disinterest to staying up past my bedtime and crying at the ending. If that's not enough of a motivator to get you reading I don't know what is. Maybe Google some pictures of what Mykonos and Santorini look like, you need a book in your life to transport you there when the weather is so cold and gloomy I'm sure.

Have you read this or any of Therese Beharrie’s other wonderful books? What was the last book you read which transported you to another country and had you ready to book your flight out?
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