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20 November 2019

Get A Life, Chloe Brown (The Brown Sisters #1) – Talia Hibbert
Published: 5th November 2019
Source: Netgalley
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
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Talia Hibbert delivers a witty, hilarious romantic comedy about a woman who's tired of being 'boring' and recruits her mysterious, sexy neighbour to help her get a life - perfect for fans of Sally Thorne, Jasmine Guillory and Helen Hoang!
Chloe Brown is a chronically ill computer geek with a goal, a plan and a list. After almost - but not quite - dying, she's come up with seven directives to help her 'Get a Life', and she's already completed the first: finally moving out of her glamorous family's mansion. The next items?
- Enjoy a drunken night out.
- Ride a motorcycle.
- Go camping.
- Have meaningless but thoroughly enjoyable sex.
- Travel the world with nothing but hand luggage.
- And... do something bad.
But it's not easy being bad, even when you've written step-by-step guidelines on how to do it correctly. What Chloe needs is a teacher, and she knows just the man for the job.
Redford 'Red' Morgan is a handyman with tattoos, a motorcycle and more sex appeal than ten-thousand Hollywood heartthrobs. He's also an artist who paints at night and hides his work in the light of day, which Chloe knows because she spies on him occasionally. Just the teeniest, tiniest bit.
But when she enlists Red in her mission to rebel, she learns things about him that no spy session could teach her. Like why he clearly resents Chloe's wealthy background. And why he never shows his art to anyone. And what really lies beneath his rough exterior...

This was my second attempt at reading a Talia Hibbert book and I have to say the second time was most definitely the charm. This book! This book convinced me I was probably wrong and should go back and try and reread that first book I tried because it seems it was most likely me not the book with the issue.

All the stars to this book.

I was charmed from the beginning with this one. We met Chloe on a normal walk right before she almost gets hit by a drunk driver and see the very immediate aftermath for Chloe. She realises that she is boring and she needs to do something to get out of her rut of carefully structured routine and what better way than to write a list? I mean, when your immediate reaction of figuring out how to get a life is writing a list to be less boring… that just shows you what kind of person Chloe is. She is structured even in her quest to be more exciting and break from routine. And she has to be. She suffers from chronic pain and her fibromyalgia has meant she has had to form structure and routine in order to get through her day to day and that is brilliant, but it has also meant she has become rigid and has lost some of the spontaneity she used to have. Seeing her slowly break from her shell and realise that routine is good, but having fun is also good, especially when you have someone there to support you if you push yourself too far.

And Red! That man deserved a big hug because he had gone through a lot. He is actually the super at the flats Chloe moves into in her first step to getting a life and the two end up winding each other from the very beginning. Red can’t help but poke and prod at her because he can tell she has some kind of issue with him. And Chloe’s issue? That damn spark she felt from the first time they shook hands and his general cheerful manner to everyone. The man was nice to one and all, too nice! So her need to be extra sarcastic struck out and the two were sniping at each other with every meeting. That is until Chloe realises Red can be of some assistance conquering a few items on her list. She then forms a mutually beneficial plan that has the pair growing closer together and boy was that a treat to read.

Red and Chloe on the page together were just the best. Like I said, they poke and prod and have their sarcastic bickering and it is just so much fun to read. I was grinning practically the whole time reading this book because they were just so much fun. Even before they gave in to the chemistry brewing between them you could tell they were going to be the best together. Red was there driving Chloe out of her comfort zone and Chloe helped Red do better and pursue his career. They were meant to be. And that’s before I even start telling how hot the sex is between them. Look, all I’m gonna say is if a couple is about ready to bang in the street they must be good together (and the author must be talented at having me believe they would be up for that because I’m sorry, UK streets be shady and you know some idiot would interrupt being all ‘wahey what you pair up to’ because English me, and especially drunk English men are idiots). But the thing is yes they have chemistry but they still made each other laugh even when they were in bed together. That is relationship goals right there. 

It may have taken me a while to finish this book but it was so worth it. My only regret is waited so long to read something by Talia Hibbert and thought I might not give her a second chance. Here's hoping the rest of her books are as good.

Have you read this or any of Talia Hibbert’s books? Which should I try next?

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