Sunday Summary // 10.11.2019

10 November 2019

Welcome to the end of another week. A slower blogging week but I am buzzing with ideas (like, actually, there are so many notes posts written up with half-finished ideas on them) and so I’m feeling good at the end of this week. I mean, there are plenty of reasons I should be, but we’ll get to that.

First off, I feel like we always need to open with work news. And this week at work there things going down. We’ve heard rumours of a couple of managers and supervisors who have mysteriously left work after being pulled into a meeting and they’ve not returned to the office. We suspect an email will go around soon notifying us they are leaving and it’s shocking because these are people who are well-liked and people who have been with the company for years. It seems like it’s all going down right now. And talking about emails, we also had an email going around that one of the teams have been sold to another company as of the 1st December (I work in insurance and the different teams work at selling different kinds of insurance which is why a team could be sold to another insurance company… it’s weird). Anyway, with the sale of that department, it means the other team which work in the same office as they are facing redundancy as the company cannot justify keeping the office open for just one team. It’s horrible, it’s no one based in my office but these are people I speak with on a regular basis and it’s never fun having that email come through as it’s leading to a lot of people to raise questions about what that means for everyone else. So yeah, I thought the mood in the office couldn’t get any lower after the Christmas hours were released… I was wrong. So yeah… fun times.

And other things set to bring me down? Well, there were some long phone calls to be had when it came to the house this week. I’ve been chasing stuff up and it’s exhausting, but with the bad news at work it’s more of a push to get my house sorted so at least if the worst were to happen and I lost my job I’ve got my house through and I have savings to keep me going for now, if I need to. Yeah, sorry, I know I’m really bringing you down here but these are the practical things I’ve had to think about.

While this week has been out to bring me down I have been working hard to stay happy. I mean, I’ve been trying to think of blog things and I’ve been reading a bit but the thing which has truly been making me happy? I finally started watching Queer Eye on Netflix and that show is so wonderful! I mean, it makes me tear up and hits me in the feels, but it’s the feel-good show I need in my life. The fab five really work hard at helping people be their best self and have the confidence to be that person too. Those guys are so nice! So yeah, let it be known Nick was right and I should have started watching far sooner.

I also had a great Saturday night hanging out with some friends. A friend has recently bought a new house so we visited to see that and she cooked for us. She made veggie burgers and then she made the nicest dessert. It was this vegan cookie dough and it was delicious. I was stuffed with good food which is the best way to be. We then sat around and played board games like the cool 20 somethings we are. I took around my ancient Cluedo board and we had a laugh playing that because it turns out you can forget how to play games but we had fun anyway.

What I’ve Been Reading

So, I just read one book this week. And it was an ARC but I was feeling less motivated to read after finishing The Bromance Book Club last week. I was stuck with what to read even Emergency Contact I wasn’t in the mood for when I first started it. Thankfully, by 30% I was enjoying it because I was really concerned I wasn’t going to like it.

New To Me

I did a little bit of book shopping this week too (I know!) but also I forgot a couple of books last week (oops). I bought the latest Illustrated Harry Potter because of course, I did. I need that book on my shelf and will have a complete collection. I also got The Kingmaker even though I’ve not started reading it yet. The Mortal Word was on offer and I liked the start of this series so I am determined to keep reading (although I did need to catch up on it). And then I preordered The bromance Book Club… and then it’s featured in my ARCs since I forgot to list my ARCs which I had in as well… I know.
I also completely forgot to tell you guys about my new ARCs! I know! How do you forget those? I know it’s a bit of a mix with mostly romance. I got a couple of these ARCs right near their release dates so I haven’t read and reviewed them yet but I’ll get there. I am so psyched to start Get A Life, Chloe Brown so fingers crossed I enjoy it. And that Period book so far has been a really interesting read which has totally made me realise I spend way too much time hiding my period than accepting it and moving on… but that can wait for the review.

And that is my week. What is your favourite board game? And what have you been reading lately?
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