Sunday Summary // 17.11.2019

17 November 2019

It’s a late Sunday post today because I’ve had a busy few days and Sunday morning is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and turn my laptop on. I know you guys won’t mind but I always like to explain myself anyway.

This week has been another weird week. Work hasn’t been bad, though, no terrible news for you there. We are all waiting for more news on a work Christmas party but since they’ve been giving us continual bad news I think they’re waiting to reveal anything more. So far, we had the date confirmed almost two months ago and then had nothing further. I currently have a hotel room booked along with a few other people on my team, so it may be a case of us all having a really good night out that night instead. I think we would all like that. It would be a great way to let off some steam, but I would like some confirmation on the Christmas Party. I’ve been putting off sorting my outfit and I hate rushing about last minute.

We saw our first sprinklings of snow on Thursday! It was exciting but also… not fun because that just proves how cold it is outside! Also, it came on a day where it pretty much rained all day. It was miserable and I was going out to meet friends and that just made me want to go home and curly up in my fluffy pjs. I didn’t, but Thursday definitely drove me to wanting to cancel. Because of the heavy rain my train got cancelled and that just had me in such a bad mood getting a taxi home. Thankfully, meeting up with friends that evening was exactly what I needed. Catching up and unwinding over a couple of drinks was perfect. I’m always so glad I've managed to keep in touch with a couple of school friends and we even put a date in the diary in a couple of weeks. Normally it takes us about three months to arrange another meet up.

My weekend has been taken up with two things: Christmas shopping and home improvements. Unfortunately, the home improvements aren’t on my house. That whole process is dragging out with various queries to the seller and we won’t get into that, but it’s frustrating to say the least. No, these home improvements are at home on my mom’s house. my step dad decided he would lay the new laminate flooring in the hallway and landing. He did a plastering course and replastered the walls, he painted the walls and now he’s laying flooring and putting the skirting boards back on the wall. This has taken about a month but it looks like it’s almost over! It has meant I spent no time with my laptop Saturday as I usually would, though. That means I’ll be playing catch up Sunday and that is never fun, I predict a slower blogging week for me. My other distraction has been Christmas shopping. I am so far behind this year and I have ne friend I am really struggling with what to buy her as all my ideas I feel like I’ve got her variation of that previously. I’ll think of something but it’s tough. I’m finally making a dent in my shopping, though. I made the mistake of heading to our local shopping centre, I suppose what you Americans out there would call a mall, and I should never go on a Saturday. I went early but it got so busy and by midday I was ready to murder someone. I remember why I don’t like heading into actual shops and started doing more of my Christmas shopping online. Even though the shops were frustrating and slightly rage inducing, it did help me get a few ideas of what to buy for people and that was the whole point of my mission.

What I’ve Been Reading

I don’t know what has been wrong with me this week but I’ve not been in the reading mood. I started reading No Judgments and couldn’t get into it at all. I ended up skimming through to the end to see if it would grab my attention… and it didn’t. It’s sad as I used to love Meg Cabot but that book just… it didn’t work for me. It wasn’t bad but there was nothing stand out about it either. I loved the cute animals, Gary was cute (the cat… the toothless cat) but the two MCs did nothing for me. I could tell from the start they were alluding to things with Bree and her past that I wasn’t going to enjoy and Drew just came across bland. I felt like he was meant to be grumpy at the start and would warm to Bree as the story progressed, but I just felt nothing. he was bland, beige, boring. Ugh, it was a me thing, I’m sure others enjoyed it and I probably would have if it came out when I was reading Cabot’s other books. I guess my tastes have changed. but you’re not here for a review of that book. I did start reading Get A Life, Chloe Brown as well. I am loving it but I’m not even halfway in and I started reading Wednesday? Thursday? I don’t know, I’ve been reading a for a few days and that’s all I know. Hopefully I’ll finish it during the rest of my Sunday, we’ll see.

New To Me

I’ve not bought that many books. I’ve tried to be really good (tried). No ebooks have been purchased, but one physical book snuck into my shopping on Saturday. It was a hardcover for £5 people! I couldn’t resist, I did text my brother first, though, I’d originally thought it could be a Christmas present for him but he had already read it. But I knew I needed to buy as it was a special edition and he enjoyed that series and friends on Goodreads have enjoyed it. Look, my Joe Abercrombie book was a bargain and you can’t convince me otherwise.

What have you been up to this week? Please tell me I’m not alone in not finishing or even being close to finishing Christmas shopping.
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