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11 May 2014

Sunday Summary

So, today is a bad day for me, bad weekend even for me in blogging terms. I just cannot be bothered to write posts recently. I get like this sometimes, get all lazy and why bother like. You’ve not all really witnessed that of me before. I am extremely lazy, it is ridiculous. I disgust myself sometimes. I don’t even know what brings it on. I think it’s partly because we lost a member of my team at work, so we are down to two people doing three people’s work again for however long it takes to hire and train someone new.

Anyway, I’ve done very little this week. I’ve had a post writing slump, which will probably effect next weeks post, rather than this weeks.

I spent the weekend watching Eurovision, as all true Europeans have been. I was dead upset The Netherlands didn’t win, they were amazing, sort of like a more countrified Civil Wars. They were great, but not very Eurovision I suppose. Don't get me wrong, Austria was alright, but I wish The Netherlands had won. I also wish Iceland had gotten more points, they were hilarious and catchy. The Hungary song was a bit creepy, but he was a good singer. And I cannot believe Russia still managed to get more points than the UK. I mean, it’s getting ridiculous guys, our song wasn’t terrible, yet we never manage to get in the left side of the points board. Sorry, it’s the same things we Brits think every year. Every year we are one of the countries that points in a big enough financial contribution to the show that we don’t need to go through the semi-finals, and then every year we do so badly it’s embarrassing. It gets a bit boring.
I’ve done a lot of reading this week. I’m going to attempt a few reviews. I hope to power through this blogging laziness so here’s hoping.

Anyone have any advise for a blogging slump? It’s not even a slump, it’s a blogging can’t be bothered slump, I need some advise on motivating myself I think.
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