So let’s look back at this week

18 May 2014

Sunday Summary
So, it’s been another dull week. Summer has hit in the UK and I have spent my week sweating away and slowly becoming more irritable. I love summer for the fashion, I hate it for the temperature.
So I haven’t read that much this week. Just an array of New Adult books. I don’t think I’ve ever told you all, but when I read, I do pick books at random, but I also tend to get stuck in a genre for an indeterminate amount of time. I just keep reading until the genre bores me and becomes repetitive, and then a reading slump tends to hit. Sometimes I can get myself out of it, but currently I can’t, because I am enjoying what I am reading. I would strongly recommend some of these books, such as Cora Carmack’s new book, and Something Like Normal. I think the only book I wouldn’t recommend is Fallen Too Far, it is the kind of book that is helping give the NA genre a bad name. It isn’t well written, it’s a ridiculous story. It’s is just absurd, so many things in that book what just ignored. I did have to finish it, though.
So these are the main things I have seen this week, as well as carrying on with my Veronica Mars rewatch (I almost bought the film and DVD, which is stupid because I bought the film on Amazon Prime as soon as it was released, but a physical copy would be nice). The Other Woman was a good film, at the cinema I felt like I was the only person laughing, well, apart from the friends I went to go see it with. It was funny, though. I don’t get how everyone else didn’t get that. Leslie Mann was absolutely hysterical. At some points I was in tears from laughing. I would recommend it to anyway who fancies a comedy that has some romance in it. I also watched In Your Eyes, the awesome new Joss Whedon creation. It was a wonderful and beautiful film, you guys should go watch it immediately. I plan on posting about it later, actually.

And that has pretty much been my week. I now plan to sit in front of a fun and attempt to not sweat to death. It’s tragic, it’s only like 22 degrees, I should not be struggling with this kind of heat. I’ll get over it, I’m sure. I’ll see you guys later. Please, tell me about your weeks. Anyone read or watched anything good this week?
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