Seriously? I don’t know what happened.

04 May 2014

Sunday Summary
I don’t know where my week has gone. I really don’t. I’m sure I just wrote and posted my last summary post a couple of days ago, yet, here we are with me trying to remember what happened this week which interest you folk. That is made more difficult by the fact I am not an interesting person.
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I think four books is my weekly reading average now, which isn’t bad. All contemporary reads, one saucy New Adult read, which was more of the same in terms of the New Adult genre. I know many don’t go in for the whole genre right now, but I think a saucy easy romantic read is what you need sometimes, and this one caught my eye on someone else’s blog, can’t remember where I saw it though, but it was cheap on kindle and I am a big proponent of the philosophy ‘why not’. Some reviews of some of these books may follow if I can find the motivation to sit down and write one.
So, this came out on Sky and I ad to watch it. It’s Kristen Bell, I love that woman, as shown by the fact I am carrying on with my Veronica Mars rewatch. I will finish the series, watch the film again and then start reading the book. But, back to The Lifeguard, it was a good little indie film, I totally loved it.

And, to anyone feeling a bit down. Here is a video of Emma Stone’s lip sync battle that totally cheered me up the other day because she was so into that battle, it was awesome.
Now I am going to watch Audrey Hepburn films in honour of her would be birthday today.
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