Top Ten Tuesday: My TV and Film Wish List

27 May 2014

So, it’s a freebie week this Tuesday and as The Broke and the Bookish are not going to give me a nice easy topic to complete this Tuesday I am going to make my own. This week I am going to tell you the ten books I wish would be made into films or a TV series. It’s probably been done before but oh well. Also, can anyone tell this post was thrown together quite last minute? I have spent my bank holiday weekend watching lots of TV (I’m like all caught up with Eastenders because the whole Mick and Shirley storyline drew me in,also I adore Danny Dyer, I think my entire family finds it a bit strange, but he is so hilarious) and doing very little. I have descended into an Arrow fanfiction reading frenzy, it normally happens at the end of season whilst I attempt to fill the void during the summer hiatus.
So first up is Fangirl, I see it as being like an awesome coming of age drama type film. It would be a low-key indie affair shot with a limited budget to reflect real college life, with realistic fashion. I’m thinking it would come across a bi Disney channel movie,a bit made for TV, but it would be freaking awesome. Inspired by the video below.
good omens
I think Good Omens would make a hilarious film or TV series. I’m thinking maybe a mini series, like one of those three episode ones? I know there have been a few rumours bandied around
7 ancient winders
I would really like to see Matthew Reily’s Seven Ancient Wonders be made into a film series. It would be amazing. The books are already written as if they were action films, short sentences, fast paced action and even pictures for the child in you, or to demonstrate what’s being discussed.
Fearless series by Francine Pascal would make an amazing TV series. I know they made a pilot episode once, but they did it all wrong. If they had actually followed the books it would have made an amazing TV series, I would love to see that happen. I can see it now, it would be on The CW it would be a bit like arrow, being a grittier TV drama than, say, The Vampire Diaries.
across the wall
I would love to see the The Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix adapted into a film or something. It would be stunning, I’m sure. I don’t know how they’d do it, since the first book is set way before the other two, but I bet they could, and it would be awesome.
princess diaries
I would have loved to see The Princess Diaries as a TV series, like one of those Disney channel ones, or like on Nickelodeon, with someone who was actually still at the beginning of high school, let’s ignore the travesty of the films. I mean they were sweet, but really a loose interpretation of the books.
pride and prej and zomb
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies would have made a hilarious film. Like genuinely. A spoof film of that book would have been aces. Especially if they could make fun of the adaptations of the original book that have already happened.
place called here
I would love to see Cecilia Ahern’s book A Place Called Here adapted to the small or big screen. I think it would be ace n the small screen, a sort of Pushing Daisies style TV show which is sickeningly pretty to look at filled with mysteries of lost things appearing and the stories behind it. It would b such a nice TV show I think.
bet me
I always wanted to see a good adaptation of any of Jennifer Crusie’s books, they are all so good, maybe Bet Me. Bet Me was deemed by Crusie as the book she always wanted to write when she ventured into the chick-lie genre, and so once she wrote it she stopped writing that style f book. I always kind of wanted to see a rom-com film adapted from it, because it would be an ace rom-com, it really would
I’ve mentioned this series a few times, but there is a reason for it. It is good. I would quite like to see an adaptation of A Discovery of Witches. I reckon it would make a good TV series, because they are some long ass books. It would probably have to be on something like HBO because there are some sex scenes, which could be edited out I guess, but I feel that would mess with some of the tension of the first book. Maybe if it was shot artfully it could be on a different network. I don’t know why I’m assuming all these shows would have to be made by American networks, I suppose it’s because I can’t see British channels investing in these adaptations.
Anyone else got some book they wish would get adapted for the big or small screen? I’d love to hear about them if you do.
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