Top Ten Book Covers I'd Frame As Pieces of Art

06 May 2014

This weeks theme from The Broke and the Bookish is top ten book covers I would frame as pieces of art. There are several that would make fantastic artwork for my wall. I won’t do much commenting or writing for this post, because I want the covers to speak for themselves. DO tell me what you think in the comments though.
So, these are all books that I adore for the fonts and the pretty pictures. They are simply books that I would buy on impulse for the sheer pretty. As you can see, a couple feature some cool sharpie writing, which I think makes the covers appear whimsical and fun, like when you used to doodle on your exercise books. Then, others feature full page typographical excellence. They all feature photographs as backgrounds. I think these all say more about my tastes than anything else. They are all excellently done, though.
These are all books that  love for the artwork of photos used for the cover. They are cool, they are different, they are definitely something I would happily have on my wall. They are all very cool and different, and I will honestly say I have no clue what a couple of these books are about, I have simply added them to my TBR list on impulse based on the cover. I am that person.

Anyone else buy books on cover alone? I know we all judge a book by it’s cover really. Or at least when it comes to picking books to buy I know I do.
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