Ten Books About Friendship

20 May 2014

I don’t know where my weeks go anymore. Tuesday just keeps happening. You know what Tuesday means, right? Another Top 10 Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish and this weeks theme is all about friendships in books. I am attempting to bring up different books in my posts, so I struggled a bit, I feel like I’ve read more books than I can ever manage to think of when it comes to these posts.
This is mega friendship all about two girls who have been friends forever, through thick and thin. They stick together no matter what, and it is beautiful. Sure, there are girl fights and girl conflicts, but they can say the most hurtful things (and they do hurt because know each others worst fears and worst actions) yet they are always there for each other. Cos, that’s what you do for your bff.
Look, we all know JK Rowling came out against the whole Ron/Hermione pairing, but before all the romantic issues there was this epic threesome of a friendship. They fight, there are tears, betrayal and jealousy, but damn if they don’t support each other, even if one of them is being a bit of a knobhead. They are the best friends, they help each other, they cause trouble together. They are as thick as thieves. These book centre around Harry and his insane adventures with his two best friends.
Karou and Zuze have the greatest friendship, like, in the first book it’s sweet and lovely. They get though some tough troubles, what with the lies and the deception. In the second book it gets even more intense. Zuze is dedicated in her loyalty to Karou, girl solves a non-riddle and treks across a dessert for that girl. Then, in the final book they cross worlds together. This is a full dedicated friendship, I wish I had a friend who loved my enough to travel across worlds to hang out
Okay, so this is a more one sided style of friendship, considering that this is the friendship aftermath you witness. But, the way Travis mourns for Charlie shows how good friends they were. Despite the fact that they knew each other for such a short length of time, they bonded in extreme conditions and they were close. Travis was friends with all of his unit, and I love all their friendships in this book, but the love between Travis and Charlie brought tears to my eyes.
So, I know everyone has heard of Gossip Girl, I loved the TV series, but before that there were the books. I got the first one free with some teen magazine and I was addicted, I was buying them as they got released. Blair and Serena had the most dramatic friendship none to man, but it was lovely. I loved the drama and the ridiculousness of it all. I adored the drama and their rich upper east side life, it was epic. These books involve plenty of people, but they were some of my favourites.
I liked Katniss and Johanna’s friendship made Catching Fire for me. There were lots of friendships which I loved in this series, though. I loved the friendship between Gale and Katniss, before the whole romance issue. I adored the relationship which developed between Peeta, Katniss and Haymitch. Essentially, I liked Katniss’ friendship with everyone.
This had the  most heart-warming friendship going on here. It is a real friendship, they have been together through the good and the bad. It is the kind of friendship which endures criticism and with the pair being honest with each other, no matter how much the truth hurts. It is right up there in one of my favourite bookish friendships, because it is the kind of friendship everyone wants to have.
I am digging deep for some of these books about friendship. This book has an excellent girl power friendship. All Sarra Manning’s books from my teen years do, because girl power was an important thing to promote (because, yeah, I totally listened to the Spice Girls, as all self respecting girls did back in the day). These girls formed a band and kicked some butt, and then things fell apart, but it began well.
I know everyone has heard of this book or seen the film. It was a decent book and a good film. The friendships in the book were fantastic, you could really relate to Charlie in a lot of ways, his awkwardness and eagerness to fit in with these people who have claimed him as a friend. The way Patrick and Sam instantly welcome him into the group is lovely. This entire book is about friendship and fitting in, and a few other major issues, I suppose.
I know this book is not technically about friendship, but the relationship between a person and their dog is basically on the same level as a best friend. Seriously, I love my dog, I would probably place his importance above that of some of my friends, and equal with my best friends. This book is about the profound relationship between man and dog, and it is freaking awesome, way better than some book about friends. Or on par with them at least.

Well, that’s it from me. I promise my blog is to become more than Top 10 Tuesday posts, even though they are easy as I don’t have to come up with an idea. Anyway, I’ll be back soon with some more posts and witty comments. Or comments at least.
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