Sunday Summary

25 May 2014

Sunday Summary
Hi Guys. So, this week was a slower week, like a speedy week for reading, but a slow week for blogging and life in general. I do have some exciting new , though. I’ve booked a holiday to go to America! I am off in September for 10 days to the lovely New Orleans. I am going with my family, there is no shame at being 23 and holidaying with my family because I will be in America so nothing will ruin it for me. I did realise I will be in America for the release of the new in the Throne of Glass series, but I figure that with my hotels complementary wifi I can download the book on my kindle, or I can buy it a bookshop if needs be. And, it also gives me a reason to re-read the series, because I need to entertain myself on the plane, so I can read, which will be awesome.

I am extremely excited about my holiday, it is still a few months away, but I feel like I should plan everything now. It also means I am going to be on a spending curbing. I was going to write spending ban, but I just can’t do that to myself. I know my entire September wage slip is going to turn into my spending money, but I also need to start buying nice things to take with me, so I am going to be more reserved in my spending, beginning when I get paid on Friday. Until Friday I am probably going to be buying stuff like crazy, but that’s the way it goes.

So I’ve read quote a few books this week, and I enjoyed all of them. How has no one been raving about Kody Keplinger. I read all three of these books like back to back in the space of three days and they were awesome. They contended with issues without shoving them down your throat, they felt quite real to me. I really enjoyed them and I have to wonder why I’ve never heard much about these books aside from being recommended them on Amazon. Who knows? They were good anyway, everyone should go out and read them now.
So, I ordered the five season box set of Friday Night Lights this week. I had a strong urge to watch it after reading All Lined Up by Cora Carmack a little while ago. I have a thing for sports films and TV shows, I have no interest in the sport, but I really enjoy to the drama when watching it on TV. It makes no sense to me, but that is how I role.

After reading 6 books this week I’ve been left in a bit of a reading slump, I just don’t know what to read next. I can’t really claim it is a slump, because it has only been a day since I finished my last book, but, for me, that is a slump. If anyone had any book recommendations please list them below, I am always on the look out for new books. And if anyone has any New Orleans recommendations for my holiday please start telling me about them now, they can be places to go, things to do, shops to visit, advise on stuff to remember to take with me. Anything guys.
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