Introducing Author Addiction

28 January 2015

I said at the beginning of the year that I wanted to write something about my favourite authors, a way to feature them in some way, especially as I am a terrible reviewer on my blog. I hadn’t quite thought up the specifics on this idea when I got a tweet from Kaja asking me if I wanted to try and do something together. I was intrigued and so we got chatting and this has all sort of snowballed from there.

I have never worked on anything with a blogger before, unless you include that time I did a post on Oh! The Books, and that was back in my early days of blogging. I was excited, because having someone else enthusiastic about something is always a good motivator for me (in case you’ve failed to notice before, I’m lazy). I was also excited by Kaja’s enthusiasm, my idea had just been something that had been lingering in the back of my mind, but it was her excitement that really got me started on thinking about I actually wanted to do with it.

After tweets were exchanged and a series of emails were sent, we came up with the idea of doing a monthly feature on our favourite authors. This will not be any old feature, though, but it will be a feature which could include anyone that is interested. We were thinking a book meme of sorts, but mostly it’s just a monthly post for us which we want to encourage others to get involved in. We will propose the author and we will chat about why we love them so, and why you should be interested too, and if all goes well we would like to encourage you to give it a go as well.

We spent a long time, like a couple of weeks, thinking up a name for this little feature, and finally we settled on Author Addiction, because the whole point of this monthly feature is to highlight our love of authors and our immense love for them.
You may all be thinking, how on earth will it work as a meme if you’re doing about your favourite authors, and what do I say to that?
Yeah, sorry if you don’t the gif reference, it’s a British thing I think.
It really is simple what we are proposing. Each month we will do a feature on out favourite author, with a few questions posed to get your thoughts going and direct your post, and we will announce who we plan to feature each month, so if you see an author you love you can get writing and tell everyone you know why you love them.

We will, obviously, be open to suggestions on how this feature should work, and we will do months where it’s a freebie week open to whatever author you may choose, because our tastes do vary. On the first Monday of each month we will doing the feature, so please come back on Monday where we will talking about our love for: Jennifer L Armentrout.

The questions for February are:

  1. When did you first discover this author?
  2. What's your favourite book by them?
  3. Which book by this author would you recommend to others and why?

Both Kaja and I will be doing our own posts, so don’t forget to go visit her over at Of Dragons and Hearts on Monday to see what she has to say. I hope you’ll come back and see the feature, and I would love to hear your thoughts.
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