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10 January 2015

Rachel over at Confessions of a Book Geek nominated me for this award last week I think, but during my little Christmas break anyway, so here is my attempt to answer these questions and help you guys to get to know me.

1. Did you have a book that meant a lot to you as a child? One that was gifted from a favourite relative, or a repeat bedtime story?

My immediate instinct is to say Harry Potter. My nan initially bought the first two books from my brother, and I obviously immediately read them after him and fell in love with the wizarding world at the age of about 8. I know that is a very obvious choice, though.

I remember we had a book by Dr Seuss, it was the Sleep Book. It’s a first edition that I believe was my dad’s, we have no jacket cover to it, it’s just the book and as a child I used to play library (that is a story for another time) and so it is covered with stamps that I put in the book. It was a book I used to read to myself when I couldn’t sleep because it was guaranteed to make me yawn and I absolutely adored it. I think it was one of my favourite childhood books that was actually written for children.

2. Is there any author or book that you collect, and will always welcome multiple editions of the same title?

I don’t really collect books, I don’t own multiple copies of any book or search out specific book covers or anything. I do have certain authors I go out of my way to buy books for. Authors such as Cecilia Ahern, Meg Cabot, and Sarah Dessen are ones I am committed to buying books from, but I certainly wouldn’t say I collect them.

3. Say that you find yourself judging a book by it’s cover (not that we ever do that!!!); what sort of covers do you go for? Are there any that are an absolute turn off?

I will allow the above book cover do the talking for me, I adore them, definitely some of my favourites.

4. If you could pick any imaginary animal to bring home to Mom with an earnest, “Can we keep him???”, what animal would it be?

This is a hard one for me because I’ve never really wanted an imaginary creature. I always kind of wanted a daemon from The Northern Lights series, because they seemed totally awesome. I also wanted a pygmy puff because they were so God damn adorable in Harry Potter.

5. Is there any book to movie adaptation that you simply refuse to watch? No way, no how, you’re not even giving them the opportunity to mess it up??

I’ve not seen The Fault on Our Stars film yet, because I’ve not been in the mood to sit and cry uncontrollably over a film, which I know is how it would end. I’ve not seen If I Stay for the same reason. I haven’t seen Divergent because the third book put me off the series so I don’t know if I’m willing to watch the film.

6. What is the most unusual book you’ve ever read? (Plot, writing style, chapter layout, etc.?)

That’s a difficult one, I’ve read a lot of different book but I don’t know what is the most unusual. Maybe it would have to be Matthew Reilly's Jack West Jr series simply for the way they are written. The chapters often feature diagrams fo the place where the main character is, to help demonstrate what the author is describing, but there isn't really a lot of description. The books are all about action, they are fast-paced and very like a movie and very different to the books I would normally read. I really enjoyed those books and I hope there is more to the series at a later date.

7. Is there any book or series that you’ve read that is so totally outside of your normal genre, but you loved it and would recommend it to others as a “take a risk!” type of book?

I read Gone, Girl, which is completely different to anything I normally read, it stayed with me for days after finishing because of that ending. Then there are some of the biographies I’ve read, such as Amy Poehler’s, which I enjoyed and they are not normally a thing I like to read. Last year I read MWF seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche which I really enjoyed all about a woman’s search for new friends when she had moved to a new city with her husband. It was such an interesting read, nice to read about someone's real struggle to make friends, it’s very relatable and I did want to buy it for all my friends.

8. Do you have any bookish collections, or anything you covet and hope to someday collect? Candles, artwork, bookcases?

I would love to collect bookish artwork, but I would also love to have more bookshelves. I’ve always really wanted a library in my home like in Beauty and the Beast. I don’t know if I’ll ever get the library, but more bookish artwork is definitely a thing I can aspire to.

9. What books has been on your TBR list the longest, but you just can’t convince yourself to pick it up?

I’ve had the book Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell on my TBR pile for over a year now, I think I bought it after seeing the film trailer. I’ve still not watched the film either, it’s terrible really. Then there are books which have probably been left unread on my kindle for longer than that. I’m a shameless impulse book buyer, though, I see a book I have been interested in for a while in a shop on offer and I’ll buy it even if I know I’m not in the mood for it or don’t have the time to read it. It’s quite embarrassing, I should probably stop buying more books and do something about my unread book pile.

10. You get a $500 gift card for all things bookish – do you run to your nearest bookstore and spend like a fiend? Or do you create pro/con lists (a la Rory Gilmore) to make sure you get just the right & perfect & wonderful bookish things? Or are you eyeing a particularly expensive bookcase somewhere?

I want to say I would be really sensible planning out all the things I want to by and finding the best deals, but that’s a total lie I would go absolutely mental, I’m sure. I would buy every book I had even the most passing of interests in and my TBR pile would be obscene.

I am terrible at keeping these awards going because I hate having to go around tagging folk, so if you want to do this then please, continue on from me and link me, because I love getting to know people, just answer the questions I have and you’re sorted.

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