Sunday Summary 11.01.2015

11 January 2015

Sunday Summary
I have been binge reading again guys. I was doing so well. I had variety in my reading and I was managing to not get stuck in one genre for too long. Then I decided to read some historical romance and got stuck in the genre. I had impulse bought a couple of books over Christmas on my Kindle and this is the result, not that I am complaining. It’s been really fun, but I do thing I may have to leave the Historical romance genre next week because I am at great risk of reading too much and not liking it.

I want to say I’ve done lots of fun and exciting things, but that would be a lie. I’ve been at work all week, my first full week at work and it has drained me a bit. I’ve barely done anything this week, I did go to the cinema and see Woman in Black: Angel of Death, I enjoyed it but it definitely wasn’t the first film. Maybe it was me watching in the cinema instead of watching it with four other people nesting on one bed with so many duvets it was ridiculous, like I did with the first. I don’t know, but it was decent, but I don’t know if I’d go out of my way to watch it again. Then, this weekend I’ve been attempting to get over the tail end of my cold, I have bouts of being able to breath through my nose, and my cough is subsiding, but I definitely used it as an excuse to sit in my pyjamas and nest in blankets Friday night.

New To Me

An Improper Proposal – Patricia Cabot (it’s Meg Cabot when she wrote a bunch of historical romance, in case you didn’t know)

What I’ve Been Reading

The Woodcutter – Kate Danley (this was exactly like reading a fairytale, and it was the first book I’ve read for the Fairytale Retelling challenge, it also counts as me Dusting off my Shelf because I bought it on the 10th January 213. Yes, 2013!)

And that is my reading week, six books in seven days is rather impressive if I do say so myself. You all thought I was lying when I said I’d been binge reading, this is my proof. It does mean I’ve barely written anything for my blog, but I’m hoping next week will be better. I’m dedicating weekends to blog things I think.
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