Top Ten Books I Read in 2014

20 January 2015

It’s a freebie week this week for Top Ten Tuesday, I normally take these weeks off and focus a bit more on my blog and catching up with things, but I thought I’d take advantage this time and choose my own topic for Top Ten Tuesday. I didn’t actually end up posting a year end post on my blog, mostly because I simply hadn’t kept track of enough stuff throughout the year to be able to answer half the questions, also because I took a bit of a blogging break for the holidays. That means I’ve not told you about my favourite books of last year, and so what better post to do in my freebie week than to tell you about my favourite books of the past year, not necessarily released in 2014, but read by me last year. Just to warn you, there are a few more than ten.

Young Adult Favourites


New Adult Favourites


Adult Favourites

And these are my favourite books I’ve last year. What I’ve extrapolated from creating this post is that I love books very easily. I like that about myself, though. Sure, maybe I should be more critical about what I read, but I enjoy myself when reading so who cares?
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